Westgate SuperContest Prize Structure [2020]

Our very own Bobby Babowski, Jay Cooper and Reggie Garrett are competing again this year in the prestigious Westgate SuperContest. Each week we will update the standings for the NFL SuperContest. You can view all of our staff selections each week right here at UltimateCapper.com.

Here is the prize structure based on 1,172 entries for 2020.

1st Place$435,623.20
2nd Place$117,736.00
3rd Place$58,868.00
4th Place$47,094.40
5th Place$44,151.00
6th Place$41,207.60
7th-8th Place$35,320.80
9th-10th Place$23,547.20
11th-12th Place$17,660.40
13th Place$15,305.68
14th-15th Place$14,128.32
16th-20th Place$11,773.60
21st-22nd Place$10,596.24
23rd-25th Place$9,418.88
26th-28th Place$8,241.52
29th-30th Place$7,064.16
31st-32nd Place$3,532.08
33rd-34th Place$2,943.40
35th-42nd Place$2,354.72
43rd-50th Place$1,766.04
51st-66th Place$1,177.36
67th-73rd Place$941.88
74th-80th Place$824.16
81st-100th Place$588.68

$135,000***1st Quarter Bonus=Best Record Weeks 1-4

$135,000***2nd Quarter Bonus=Best Record Weeks 5-8

$135,000***3rd Quarter Bonus=Best Record Weeks 9-12

$135,000***4th Quarter Bonus=Best Record Weeks 13-16

Quarter bonus aggregate payouts will be on the following schedule:
1st Place $100,000 2nd Place $25,000 3rd Place $10,000

***Contestants tying for Quarter Bonus Place will split aggregate prize money for respective place.***