Top eSports Teams and Players from Mexico

Gaming is a trend that has taken the world by stride. Almost all entertainment media has been, in one way or another, influenced by video games. The silver screen draws inspiration from famous games for their upcoming films. The recent Resident Evil reboot is a prime example. Streaming series based on famous video games like Netflix’s “The Witcher” are also popular. Sports are, without a doubt, influenced the most.

The emergence of eSports and eSport betting has marked the beginning of a new era of entertainment and sports. The influence of eSports in Latin America has been heavily felt. It is not one of the regions where eSports has seen the most acceptance. Investors, teams, and leagues, have been slow to start. However, recent trends point to serious growth. Estimates note that by 2025, Latin America will be among the most important regions in eSports.

A key driving factor in eSports growth in Latin America is the popularity of sports betting. Local notes the local Liga Latinoamericana de League of Legends (LLA) has high level of competition. The league brings together teams from all around Latin America. Riot Games, in cooperation with local TV Azteca broadcast matches live. This article will discuss the best teams to follow. Whether your desire is a future bet or simply enjoyment of high level competition, there is plenty of action to follow.

Rainbow7 (R7)

Rainbo7 (R) is one of the strongest eSports teams in Latin America. The team reigns over the league with an impressive record. Originally named Lyon Gaming, the team is co-owned by the American Company Just Toys. As of 2021 Rainbow 7 has 13 championship titles. With 10 of those as champions from the region and the remaining 3 as champions of Latin America.  

Infinity eSports

Based in Mexico, Infinity eSports is one of the most popular teams in the league. The team was formed in 2009 by Paul Venegas as a multi gaming organization. The organization focuses on professional development of skills for gaming. As a result, Infinity eSports participates in many different leagues and games. Infinity shares  the title of third most decorated team in the region with Isurus. Infinity holds 4 championship titles, 3 as Latin America Champions and 1 as regional Champions.


The organization formed its first professional League of Legends team in 2013. The team became much more competitive, absorbing the Rock Solid Argentina roster. Isurus has been a consistent contender in the professional spotlight. Isurus currently holds 2 regional champion titles and 2 Latin America champion titles. They are also the first back-to-back champions of the LLA.

Individual Players to Watch

The best and most popular teams in the region only compete at high levels because of individual talent. Mexican players are starting to leave their mark in the professional spotlight. Here are a few up and coming players to watch


Seiya is one of the oldest players in the LLA but Edgar Ali Bracamontes is a legend of the Latin American region. He is widely considered the best mid laner in Latin America. Before becoming the Latin king of the mid lane,Seiya began his professional career as an AD Carry. He is an important part of the Isurus roster. Overall he stands out thanks to amazing mechanical abilities. Seyia also has enormous experience that helps him stay one step ahead of his opponents.


Although officially retired, Marcelo Enrique Ramones Garza was one of the most dominant figures in the LLA. Like Seiya, Thyak began his professional career as AD Carry. Thyak dominated the jungle during his professional career. He is infamously remembered for dying against the Golems in a professional match against MeetYourMakers. Thyak was also the previous owner of former Lyon Gaming, current Rainbow 7.

The List Goes On

eSports, particularly League of Legends, have left a long-standing mark in the Latin American region. Many professional teams and players have seen their beginnings in the region, and the space of this article falls short. There are many more amazing players and teams in the region, doing their best to represent their region in the competitive scene. Take this list as a simple reference to what the world of professional gaming has to offer.