Top 5 Steps to Becoming a Better Sports Bettor

If you are planning on improving your betting results, you have to pay close attention to the methods you use. You cannot expect to get different results when you do the same thing over and over again. It will only end up being a disappointment.

If you want to make the changes necessary to become a better sports bettor, we have some steps that can help you out. Follow these steps, and you will soon be able to see the difference.


Specializing in One


If you want to be an expert, you will have to concentrate on one thing. Brain surgeons cannot operate on knees, and in the same way, an English teacher won’t be pro at Mathematics. So you shouldn’t expect to make profitable bets in all kinds of sports.


The first step for you would be to take some time and try to pick a league or sport out of the lot. It will make everything easy for you.


Once you specialize, you will concentrate on all your resources in that area. Instead of going for surface details and information on a variety of sports, you will have the time to go deeper into a sport and find out information that will end up being profitable to you.


How to pick a sport? The best advice would be to go with the game that you love watching the most. After you are done with the sport, you need a league to channel your focus. It doesn’t always have to be big. It just has to provide you with many opportunities where you can find value.


The choice of the sport will also not matter until you have all your attention to it. You can definitely enjoy other sports, but you need to focus on only one when it comes to building your skills at a bettor.


Working Harder than Bookmakers


Bookmakers are known to assess the upcoming games and set up lines depending on the knowledge they have about the teams, their players, travel schedules, the betting public, and the weather. They are least bothered about the winner or loser of the contest. They want to set lines for creating a similar betting action on every side of the competition.


Bookmakers want to do business. The ways they operate are mostly tilted to their favour. As they give the most importance to profits, they will invest a huge amount of effort and time in investigating the upcoming games in order to set lines for creating the highest rate of return.


Therefore, for becoming a better sports bettor, you will have to be better at evaluating games, just like the bookmakers, and sometimes even better than them. It will offer you the chance to predict the outcomes and spot the areas where your predictions don’t match with the set lines.


There are two ways of doing it. You either need to be smarter than the bookkeeper or have to work harder than them. Fortunately, bookmakers have limited manpower and time resources for each line and game. With hundreds of lines in a week, you can easily find areas where you will be able to outwork them.


Building Your Network 


If you plan on becoming better at sports betting, you have to build two kinds of networks. The first one would involve information-sources, and people meant to supply you with details that are of value. People could be anyone close to a team or media personnel who has access to valuable inside information. Information sources would include forums, television programs, newspapers, websites, and so on.


Bookmakers are known to have their own networks, and you have to build a better one than their books. Information is known to be the critical aspect that will land up in profits.


The second network would be a network of places or people where you can place bets with no or reduced vig. If you plan on trying your hand at betting, take a shot at 12bet.


Focusing on Small


Another essential step that you should forget would be your focus. It needs to be small. We are often tempted to go with big bets, but the opportunities are more in smaller conferences. Less popular games are also known to offer better chances in finding great value as compared to the popular games.


As most people watch the big games, and with the media covering it, the lines are usually tight with less value to offer. When you focus on small games, the chances of forming relationships with the concerned people are much higher.


The best way to handle it would be not keeping your intention as a sports bettor a secret. Act like a fan, and you will be surprised to find out information that is actually of great value.


Not Betting Too Much on a Single Game 


You need to know that all sports bettors will have losing and winning streaks. The chances of winning would be around 52% to 55%. Keeping this in mind, you need to pay careful attention to every game. Bet as much as you can for maximizing your wins, but you need to ensure that a losing streak doesn’t make you go bankrupt.


Your risk tolerance and bankroll replacement need to be factored in, especially if you want to become an excellent bettor.




These are the five steps that you can incorporate to win more and becoming an expert in sports betting. It will be difficult, but success does not come to the person who doesn’t work hard.