Three Funny Facts About Baseball

The months between March and September are a kind of heaven for baseball fans. During these six or so glorious months, most people only think of the fun and joy that comes with rooting for their various teams. However, aside from being a diehard fan, how much of the interesting facts about this beloved game do you know?

Well, here are a few funny facts.

1. Shortest and Longest Game Time

A typical baseball game lasts about three hours. September 28, 1919, however, goes down in history as the day the shortest baseball game was played. The duel between New York Giants and the Philadelphia Phillies at the Polo Grounds in New York lasted just 51 minutes with the Giants outclassing their opponents 6-1.

The college sport holds the NCAA record for the longest game. In the game, Texas Longhorns took a whopping 7 hours and 3 minutes to demolish Boston College Eagles 3-2. Clearly, college baseball wanted a piece of the record pie for themselves.

2. Record Attendance

Baseball is a beloved sport in the US, with average stadia attendance reaching as high as 55,350 (Colorado Rockies games at Mile High Stadium). The contrast here is just as baffling; the game with the record for the least amount of spectators is the match between Florida Marlins and Cincinnati Reds at the Joe Robbin Stadium in 2011. Only 347 people attended the game because the Hurricane Irene kept most people indoors.

3. Hitting a Home Run

People who follow both local and international sports, and especially baseball for whatever reason, including sports betting know just how important home runs are in this game. Such people would be happy to know that the chances of hitting one. Now that the Supreme Court decision on gambling allow markets from the NCAA, it is important to master the possible winning ways. A player increases his chances of hitting a home run if the ball hits the bat anywhere between 5 and 7 inches away from the barrel end; the area that is called the “sweet spot.”

These three facts are just but a few of the many intriguing stories you will encounter about the game of baseball. As a fan, you most likely will find them fascinating. And, now that technology is making it easier to enjoy this game and its betting markets, the sport’s following is increasing. Fans that follow for sports betting reasons will be happy to note that discreet cryptocurrency payments are now possible; even more reasons to enjoy baseball.