The Top 6 Richest Hockey Players in the History of the NHL

Prowess, strength, fortitude is what hockey has always represented as players dose themselves with blood, sweat and tears amassing money as well as glory off the ice. Introducing six of the wealthiest NHL players in history, whose net worth tells a story about the kind of talent they have demonstrated and business acumen they possess. For more info on the richest hockey players, visit this article to read about the top 10 richest hockey players across the globe and not just the NHL.

1. Wayne Gretzky

The Great One Wayne Gretzky, the greatest player who ever played hockey in many eyes, transcends the sport in his influence. Having an unbelievable estimated net worth of approximately US$250 million, Gretzky’s impeccable career shattered more than 60 NHL records during his time on the rink. Known as “The Great One”, Gretzky’s financial empire is not limited to hockey—the business includes property investments, a vineyard and ownership shares in assorted sports teams, making Gretzky the rich hockey player in the world.

2. Mario Lemieux

A living legend Mario Lemieux is linked to the very notion of excellence and resulting in an estimated net worth of US$200 million, this player’s remarkable career lasted 17 seasons, during which he mesmerized the fans with his extraordinary skill and enduring determination. After his days on the ice were over, Lemieux’s devotion to the Pittsburgh Penguins led him to convert a large part of his salary into ownership equity, which saved the team from bankruptcy and reinforced his reputation as one of hockey’s greatest philanthropists.

3. Alexander Ovechkin

Alexander Ovechkin, The Russian Dynamo, has a sterling style of play and unparalleled scoring ability and thus has made himself a a name synonymous with hockey. Ovechkin’s $80 million estimated net worth from hockey is further augmented by his endorsement deals with major corporations like Nike or PepsiCo and rightfully solidifies him as one of hockey’s richest personalities.

4. Sidney Crosby

Sid the Kid Sidney Crosby has had an outstanding career among the best in the history of hockey. Leader of an estimated net worth of US$75 million, the leadership and on-ice achievements of Crosby have endeared him to many both on and off the ice. Although Crosby has declined many endorsement offers, his association with few brands like Gatorade and Tim Hortons enables him to remain out of the public eye off the ice and yet be a wealthy person.

5. Pavel Bure

The Russian Rocket Pavel Bure is one of the most gifted and fastest players to ever grace the ice. Considered one of the greatest goal scorers in hockey history, Bure left behind an estimated fortune of US$70 million. Out of the rink, Bure was a private person but the impact he made in the game of hockey is beyond argument and still fans are in awe when they think of how he used to light the scoreboards with his marvelous goals.

6. Chris Pronger

Chris Pronger, possessed of a physically imposing size, was among the most feared defenseman in hockey. Netting at around US$65 million, regardless of his position, Pronger’s ability to shine in different facets of the game made him a highly respected player throughout his career. Aside from his accomplishments on the ice, Pronger opens discussions about the financial dilemmas which professional hockey players face and reveals the difficulties that these athletes have to go through not only while playing but also after their retirement.

Besides their salary for playing in the NHL, many players also have big endorsement deals, appearances and investments. Sponsorship contracts with large brands are very profitable; players tend to agree to promote products such as sport equipment, clothing and accessories. The deals are even more profitable for the star players who are very popular and recognized throughout the world, such as Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. Furthermore, players can earn money from the participation in events, autograph sessions and other promotional activities. These appearances can add the players some more revenue outside the ground and make them closer to the fans.

In addition, the majority of the NHL players have diversification of their investments where they put their earnings in different avenues in the bid to make their wealth grow with time. This may involve investments in property, firms, shares and other financial assets. Through diversifying their investments, the players can save themselves from financial downturns and grow their wealth in the long run. In the same token, some players may decide to put their money in some philanthropic ventures to impact their communities and the world at large. In general, NHL players have various ways to make money besides their salaries which contributes to a steady and successful career on and off the rink.

To finish, the summary of six NHL players demonstrates the intersection between talent, determination and financial smartness that characterizes the current game of hockey. Thus, the story of each player is a proof of the lasting impact that the richest stars of hockey will have. As the game keeps on growing, these players would always be remembered by hockey lovers across the globe.