Slot machines have always been popular in the casino industry. Many players prefer them as they allow them to enjoy easy gameplay accompanied by unique sounds and graphics. In the online space, the game is even better, as reputable sites like Bet365 SLO offer different themes. But whether accessing this game online or offline, it’s important to understand how it works. Only then can you develop a strategy that can help you win big. Let’s get started:

Odds in Slots Machines

People have won millions from playing slots. But have you ever wondered how slot machines pay winners? Understanding the mechanisms comes down to the following factors:

1.   Return to Player (RTP).

You may have heard that the house always wins. Well, this is because all casinos programme a payout schedule that allows them to benefit from all the wagers placed on the site. For example, if a site has an RTP of 96%, players get $96 out of every $100 they wager.

As such, the higher the RTP, the higher your likelihood of getting paid and the higher the payout. For example, if one slot game has a 90% RTP and the other boasts 98% RTP, the latter is the better choice based on this factor alone.

However, RTP is not the only factor you should consider when selecting a site. You must also think about volatility. A game with low volatility pays out often but has small winnings. For example, a game may pay out four in every five games, such that you can win in quick succession. A game with high volatility offers fewer winning chances but pays out big. For instance, a slot machine may pay out $500 after a player has invested $5 and lost nine times.

The best way to combine these factors depends on the following considerations:

  • Your bankroll: If you have a big budget, playing high-volatility games may be a good idea as you can hold out longer for the big wins. However, you may not have the resources to hold out this long if you have a low budget.
  • Your preference: Do you prefer frequent payouts, or would you rather wait longer before you get your pay? Some players like challenging games, while others want to win often, even if the payments are low.

Taking note of these factors can also help you determine the best slot games to play on a site so you can have an enjoyable experience.

2.   Random Number Generation

On one hand, the output in a slot game depends on the RTP and volatility. On the other hand, it depends on random number generation (RNG). But what is this? An RNG is software that selects numbers or symbols randomly from a bigger set. For example, if a slot game requires you to match three monkeys, the RNG will randomly pick symbols from all the possible options to determine the output. While doing this, it will rely on the RTP and volatility ranges set by the casino. So, if the set volatility requires the RNG to produce results that enable you to walk away with a win, you will likely win. But if the RTP and volatility ranges already match what the casino dictates, you will likely not win.

Thanks to the RNG, there is no guarantee when playing this game! Your wins and losses thus come down to luck. Sometimes, you will be lucky, and at others, you will incur losses. So, how can you approach the game with this knowledge?

  1. Always familiarize yourself with the rules: Slot games are different, and you cannot use a standard approach to play all of them. While the premise still hinges on placing a wager and letting the RNG do its work, many versions include bonus rounds where your decisions make all the difference.
  2. Enjoy demo games: Many sites allow players to get a feel of the game at no cost. Instead, you play with virtual money such that your wins are also virtual. It’s a great way to see the RNG at work and understand how it influences results.
  3. Work with a budget: The combination of RNGs, volatility, and RTPs makes slot results impossible to predict. As such, you must take charge of your finances by determining what you can afford to spend on the games. Once you hit your limit, stop playing the game.
  4. Take advantage of bonuses: Some of the bonuses you may get when playing on a site include free spins, bonus rounds, and exclusive access to new games. Use these to increase your winning chances by rethinking your moves and making the most of the random outcomes.

So, are these games fair? Licensed casinos are subject to independent audits that assess the fairness of games by checking if the RTPs, volatility, and RNGs comply with industry standards. Playing on such sites enables you to enjoy this game, knowing that the generated output is correct. As technology improves, more sites will compound this testing with blockchain technology, allowing them to ensure nobody can alter the outputs, which will foster trust between players and casino sites.