The National Zambian Lotteries Online at

The pride of playing a national lottery exceeds any other. It even gets better when you win a major prize. For Zambians, there are numerous options for playing the national lottery.

Where can you play the Zambian national lotteries?

Well, all the top national Zambian lotteries are available at This website has all the games that you need to become a lucky winner of a major jackpot prize in Zambia.

It is open for all Zambians of the legal age of 18 and above. All that you need to get started is an email address or a mobile number. You will sign up and select the national lottery that you want to play.

The best national lottery in Zambia

At, you can play various global lottery games. The top one is GG World Keno.

You can learn how to play GG World Keno online using the Lotto Zambia website. The game is simple and has basic rules that could make you the next millionaire in the country. It is a fast-paced national lottery that has its draw taken every 4 minutes.

Rules of GG World Keno

It has basic rules that you can follow. You simply need to pick 1-10 numbers within a range of 1-70. After picking the number, you should also select your stake. The stake options are between 1x and 10x.

A higher stake and more numbers give bigger rewards. In every draw, 20 numbers are drawn. If your numbers are drawn, you win.

Where to play

GG World Keno is available online. You don’t have to buy tickets at a physical retail store. Lotto Zambia has a seamless website that makes it easy for Zambians to register an account and start playing their favorite national lottery.

It also has flexible payment options that are suitable for all Zambians. You can use mobile money transfers, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.

Tips for playing the national lottery

Here are some basic tips that you can use when playing the national Zambian lottery.

Be consistent

The first basic tip is to maintain consistency. The national lottery is a game of chance. You can only increase your chances of winning by playing often. The more tickets you have, the more your chances of winning.

Check lotto draws

GG World Keno is a fast-paced national lottery. Draws are run every 4 minutes. That means that you must be alert to know the draw results. You can also check daily lotto results at if you missed a live draw. You should never ignore the results as they are important in determining whether you’ve won or not.

Set a budget

To avoid lottery addiction, you should have a budget for playing the lottery. This decision will make your play more purposeful and safe.


Playing the national lottery can be a fun thing to do. You simply need to focus on the basics of the game and adhere to the tips given. The next time Lotto Zambia announces a major prize winner, it could be you!