The History Behind Legendary Slot Machine Symbols

The first slot machine was created in 1895 by a mechanic by the name of Charles Fey, and that was the first page of one of the most important games in the history of entertainment.

This early attempt had three rotating reels with five different symbols: a liberty bell, diamonds, spades, hearts, and horseshoes.

Today’s symbols are diverse in size and design, with many even including historical figures or well-known TV series and films. Although these symbols may not look like much from the original ones created in 1895, they are relevant to the entertainment landscape of today, which makes it easier for players to relate to these games.

Let’s delve into the history of symbols that have shaped the slots gaming experience and the new trends of today’s iGaming landscape.

The Bells

The history of bells in slots dates back to Charles Fey’s original machines in the late 19th century. The bells symbol was introduced by Fey as a symbol of maximum win, especially when three bells matched on a payline.

In addition, in many cultures, bells are associated with good fortune. In Celtic culture, they were used to ward off evil spirits, and in Christian culture, bells are used to celebrate important events, such as Christmas or Easter.

The bell also became an iconic symbol and, in fact, gave its name to the famous “Liberty Bell” slot machine.


The reason behind the fruit symbols in slots was because they were easily recognizable. The famous “Liberty Bell” machine used symbols such as cherries, plums and oranges in addition to the aforementioned bell.

Over time, slots evolved and became more complex, but the fruit symbols endured. Even today, many digital slots still incorporate fruit symbols in homage to that historical tradition.

BAR Symbol

On early slot machines, the symbols represented different flavors of chewing gum, and one of the most common flavors was the “BAR” brand. As the machines evolved, the BAR symbol remained and became a classic slot machine element. Today it remains one of the most common slot symbols. It usually pays high prizes, but its value may vary depending on the slot.

Number 7

The choice of the number 7 in the world of online casino games can be attributed to its positive connotation and the widespread belief in its power to attract fortune. A lucky number in western cultures and holding an important place in people’s minds.

It is a classic symbol that in slot winning combinations is associated with big prizes, which has contributed to its iconic status in the world of slots.

The Wild

The Wild is one of the most important symbols in slots as it is a special symbol that can substitute for any other symbol on a payline to complete a winning combination.

The wild is represented by a variety of images, from the specific word WILD to abstract elements or images of characters. In addition, in newer slots, wilds can trigger special functions, such as free spins or bonuses.

The Scatter

The Scatter is an absolute gem in the slot universe, and not only because its design was often represented by a coin or a star. Its meaning comes from the ability to “scatter” across the slot reels and activate special features, even if they are not on an active payline.

Over time, the Scatter symbol became more versatile and began to trigger special features in many casino games in the slot category. From free spins to multipliers, the Scatter is a mythical symbol found in almost all slots.

New trends in slot symbols

The evolution of symbols has opened new horizons with the technological developments of online casino games and digital slots. Let’s look into the new trends that are being developed!

Motion Symbols

Motion symbols in modern slots are a direct result of the technological evolution in the gaming industry.

These animated symbols can take a variety of forms, from spins and flashes to animations that come to life when activated. The introduction of 3D graphics and advanced animation technologies has led to an increase in the complexity and creativity of these symbols. Not only do they add great value visually, but they can also trigger special features or other promotions that rank among top casino bonuses in the UK in expert platforms that review the best gaming platforms. The offering of promotions in casinos has become one of the most important reasons why players choose a determined platform, and slot symbols have only helped in developing this side of the game.

Themed slots

Themed slots emerge in response to player demand for more engaging and innovative experiences. Instead of using generic symbols such as fruits or numbers, themed slots incorporate elements related to a specific theme. These themes can range from movies, mythology, travel and even sports-themed slots.

And the fascinating thing about themed slots is that they introduce new visual and auditory elements that align with the chosen theme. For example, an adventure-themed slot might have symbols such as compasses, treasure maps and ancient artifacts, while a seasonal slot might feature images of landscapes or animals.