The Best NHL Betting Options

When it comes to sports betting, the National Hockey League doesn’t often get a lot of attention, but that shouldn’t be the case. Even though you won’t be betting on the NHL with a point spread, there are still some fantastic possibilities available. You can even place these bets on your favorite online casino.

Although NHL betting differs from those of other sports, it does not imply that the alternatives are any less appealing. The playoffs are when betting on this sport really heats up, but there are plenty of attractive alternatives throughout the regular season as well.


A moneyline bet isn’t always popular in every sport, but in the NHL, it can be the greatest alternative. This form of wager is guessing the winner of an NHL game, which is about as difficult as betting on the league gets. 

When it comes to the NHL, there isn’t a lot of scoring, so predicting if a club will win by at least two goals is difficult.

Puck Line

When it comes to the NHL, you won’t be betting against the spread, but puck line betting is a possibility. As previously said, picking winners in the NHL is difficult enough, but predicting that a team will cover a given spread is even more difficult. 

The puck line for NHL games is nearly typically set at -1.5, but it might be 2.5 in some cases. 

Totals are a form of bet that is more popular in other sports, but it is still a great choice in the NHL. Although the overall number of goals scored in most NHL games is still modest, it remains a viable alternative. 

This sort of wager is also known as a “over/under,” and the odds are generally 5.5 or 6.5 goals. A totals bet can be combined with other wagers, or you can bet the totals on each period separately.

Prop Betting

Prop betting is popular during the NHL postseason, but it is also available during the regular season. When it comes to the NHL, player prop betting offers the most alternatives and offers the most value. 

The number of shots on goal for a player and the amount of player points are two of the most popular player prop bets in the NHL. Seeking for value in the betting odds is more crucial than looking for locks when betting on player props.

Betting on each game of the NHL season might result in a good payout, but putting together a massive parlay can boost your chances of winning big. When putting together an NHL parlay, you can employ any of the betting possibilities mentioned above. 

The easiest method to approach NHL parlay betting is to check at the moneyline possibilities for each game, but you may increase your payoff by using totals or parlays.

Future Betting 

The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are a popular wagering event, and they are thrilling to watch. You may obviously gamble on every Stanley Cup Playoff game, but you can also wager on the futures market before the action begins. 

When it comes to the NHL, the most common futures bet is on which club will win the Stanley Cup. You may also gamble on the conference champions or the individual prizes that will be presented at the conclusion of the year.

Live Betting

Live betting on any sport has grown quite popular, but the NHL offers a particularly strong option here. Because each period has a big pause at the end, this is an excellent opportunity to place live bets. 

The NHL’s live betting odds don’t change as often as some other sports, which gives you more time to explore. Naturally, the odds and lines will alter with each goal, but this does not occur frequently.