Sports Stars Who Bet Big in the Casino

When you’ve got money to burn and the super-competitive spirit of an athlete, it’s understandable you may splurge on expensive trips to the casino now and again. But some sports stars take gambling to the next level.

Take boxing legend Floyd Mayweather for instance. He’s earned the nickname ‘Money’ in his Las Vegas hometown for one very simple reason: his ability to gamble with it. Last year he was spent $20,000 max-betting his way to the jackpot on a Ten Play Draw Poker Machine. And that’s only a small drop in the ocean compared to what he spends on blackjack. Scroll through Mayweather’s social media channels and you’ll find pictures of betting slips for $100,000 blackjack hands.

Striker Wayne Rooney is also a familiar face with casino bosses in his hometown, though he seems to have more luck on the pitch than the casino floor. In 2017, he lost over £500,000 – that’s over fifteen times what the average Brit earns in a whole year – in less than two hours playing blackjack and roulette in a Manchester casino.

To find out more about Mayweather, Rooney and other sports stars who like betting big in the casino, check out the below infographic, put together by the team from the Bgo online casino.