Rockets Give up Home Court – Hoping for Seven

The Houston Rockets are the best team in the NBA on paper. Now they are matched up against the best team on the court. It would be foolish to downplay how good the Rockets are. This team has gelled and come together as a unit like no other team in a very long time in the NBA. 65 wins was a pile and that’s what they racked up over the course of the 17/18 NBA season.

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The proverbial question remains, “what happens to the Rockets when it matters”? Absolutely nothing! They put their pants on one leg at a time and they go out and play basketball. They are playing a better team, that’s what happens. So often the media tends to over focus on the reality of which team is better and which team is not there.  They get wrapped up in perception. The perception is that the Rockets are better based on the fact they won more regular season games than Golden State. Last season, it was the Spurs, the season before that, it was somebody else. Same concept when talking about the Chicago Cubs. They didn’t win a World Series for all of those decades because they sucked. The finally put a team together that was better than the competition and they won. This concept is really not that difficult, it really is easy. Find an amazing online bookie that offers competitive NBA lines and odds.

The Rockets biggest problem: Durant. They can’t cover him. They simply cannot. Capela is a solid NBA player and he is a big reason the Rockets are in the Western Conference finals but he can’t cover KD. The guy is a beast and he makes it look so easy. The Warriors found their franchise guy when they signed him and they better do whatever it takes to keep him.

The Rockets second biggest problem: The other four guys, Green, Iguodala, Curry and Thompson! Look, Steph Curry had 18 points in game one he went 1-5 from downtown and the Warriors still won the game by 13 points on the road, in an opponent’s home opener. Step is their best shooter, he is the best shooter in the entire NBA but look at Klay Thompson he hit 6 from the arch and finished with 28. The point here; there is always somebody. The Warriors have made winning basketball a science, they are a machine and they will be hard to bring down.

Warriors vs Rockets A Western Conference NBA Finals

Having said all of that and having made a case for the Warriors as the 800 pound gorilla, the Rockets can win this series! Yes, you heard it here. The Rockets must adjust, find ways to out-rebound the Warriors, and contain Durant. Harden is hungry, he wants this and he will make this a series. James Harden is a top two player in the NBA and he knows how to make his role players better. The Rockets must get back to Rockets basketball and that means running out of the gym. Just as they did in the season opener, they beat the Warriors 122-121.

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James Harden cannot do this alone. He must not make this his cross. He absolutely better make the role players play, he runs the offense, and he must run the offense in such a way as to involve his supporting cast. Harden will not beat the Warriors but the Rockets for sure can. This is about adjustments, the Rockets will find the path and make this a series. Look for this one to go the distance. Be sure to call your sportsbook  and ask about the current series price, it could be a moneymaker!