NCAA Basketball Saturday – Top 25 Action

NCAA basketball is a betting favorite and there is a very good reason for this; there are too many teams for the online bookies to keep up with. As a result, they often follow Las Vegas. The bookies tend to follow the game lines from Las Vegas, and this will often cost them big profits, which means big profits for you the gambler. What you must do is find ways to betting options that are worthy of your time. You must find a strategy that works for your entertainment value as well as overall betting value. Remember one thing; don’t listen to other gamblers, listen to great prediction sites that have a standup reputation for winning more than they lose. Follow handicappers that give good advice from week to week. Follow guys that are winning at least 55% of the time and higher.

Scores and Stats – College Basketball Previews, Predictions and Betting Tips

Penn State Vs. No. 6 Ohio State

Look at OSU! This school is ready to explode. The football team is NO. 1 in the country and playing for the BIG TEN Championship and the basketball team is No. 6 in the country and 8-0. The Buckeyes have always had a solid basketball program but not this good is a long time. Penn State is also solid,  and they come into the meeting with a 7-1 record.

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Penn State comes in scoring 80.6 points per game while allowing 61.8. The Buckeyes are scoring 77.8 points per game and allowing 52.3. Both teams are tired, but both come in ready to win their fir Big 10 meeting. This game goes to the wire and it will be close. We like Penn State to hang around all-game long and make this an interesting battle. At the end of the day, the Buckeyes get the win in a close one and most likely going over the total.

No 12 Arizona Vs. No. 18 Baylor

The Arizona Wildcats are hot, and they are back as a top-notch program. College basketball is often cyclical, and we think the tide just might be turning. North Carolina is 38th in the nation, Virginia has dropped way down the ladder and Duke lost to Stephen F. Austin. The PAC 12 looks good this year and they may be the toughest “Power Five” conference in all of basketball. Baylor is also good, and you can bet that more than a few great teams will come out of the Big 12 as well. Look for another great game and look for this one to be close. Baylor will hang around and make life miserable for the Wildcats until late, this is when Arizona is at it’s best. Look for a very close first half and a close 16-minutes of the second half. Bet this one “live”, look for a bookmaker that is offering live lines and get in early to find the best opportunities to pull the trigger.

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Parlay Card:

Butler, Villanova, Kentucky, Kansas, Oregon

Remember, find alternative ways to beat the bookie. College basketball is a sport that you can win. We are not advising to play big on the parlay card, we are advising to back up the parlay card with a teaser. Look for live betting, first half, second half and player props. You should be winning big this season. Call the bookie and get that deposit in.