NBA Finals Odds Following the Trade Deadline

The 2023 NBA trade deadline was one of the wildest NBA trade deadlines in recent years. From the Brooklyn Nets shipping Kyrie Irving to the Dallas Mavericks and Kevin Durant to the Phoenix Suns to the Los Angeles Lakers pulling off trades for D’Angelo Russell, Mo Bamba, and others, there was no shortage of action at the NBA trade deadline.

Both NBA conferences look completely different now than they did before, thanks to all the trades that went down. The NBA Finals odds look a lot different now, too. Some teams that used to be NBA favorites (we’re looking at you, Brooklyn!) have dropped out of the picture completely, while others (hi, Phoenix!) have risen up the ranks overnight.

We’re going to take a look at where the NBA Finals odds stand now following the NBA trade deadline. It should help those who enjoy taking part in NBA betting to make more accurate NBA championship predictions between now and the end of the season.

Boston Celtics, +325

The Celtics didn’t end up making any major moves at the 2023 NBA trade deadline. But it doesn’t appear that this had much of an impact on their NBA Finals odds at all.

The Celtics were projected to make it back to the NBA Finals again this season before the deadline, and they’re still projected to make it back to them now. They’re also the NBA favorites in terms of which team NBA bettors think will win the NBA Finals this season.

Phoenix Suns, +425

If the Suns hadn’t been able to pull off a deal to land Kevin Durant at the NBA trade deadline, they would be a lot further down this list. But they put together a good enough package to entice the Nets to send KD their way, and now they’re the favorites to come out of the Western Conference this season.

It remains to be seen how KD will fit in with Devin Booker, Chris Paul, and the rest of his new teammates. But barring any significant injuries, it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see the Suns work their way through the Western Conference and land in the NBA Finals at the end of the season.

Milwaukee Bucks, +600

Kevin Durant was obviously the biggest name involved in the Suns/Nets trade that took place just before the NBA trade deadline. But it’s worth pointing out that the Bucks managed to get better by playing a part in this trade. They ended up landing Jae Crowder in the deal, and he could very well help the Bucks give the Celtics a run for their money in the Eastern Conference.

You could make the argument that Giannis Antetokounmpo & Co. are a better team than they were a couple of years ago when they won the NBA Finals. It’s why some NBA bettors are jumping all over their NBA Finals odds this season.

Denver Nuggets, +800

The Nuggets have been the best team in the Western Conference so far this season, and they could very well end up being the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference Playoffs. But they weren’t able to pull off any major deals at the NBA trade deadline, which is why their NBA Finals odds actually took a little bit of a hit.

There is some skepticism over whether or not Nikola Jokić and Jamal Murray can finally get this team over the hump. The sudden emergence of the Suns seems to have many NBA bettors steering clear of placing their bets on the Nuggets.

Los Angeles Clippers, +1200

When Kawhi Leonard and Paul George teamed up in Los Angeles a few years ago, it looked like the Clippers making it to the NBA Finals at some point was a foregone conclusion. But they’ve yet to do it, and it sure looks like it’s going to be difficult for them to do it this year.

They did, however, manage to add a few new faces to the mix at the NBA trade deadline, including Mason Plumlee, Eric Gordon, and Bones Hyland. It should strengthen their bench and give Leonard and George some help during the team’s stretch run at the end of the season.

Philadelphia 76ers, +1200

Because of all the big trades that went down at the NBA trade deadline, the only meaningful trade that the 76ers made flew under the radar. They dealt Matisse Thybulle to the Portland Trail Blazers as part of a four-team trade and received Jalen McDaniels back from the Charlotte Hornets.

That might not seem like that big of a deal, but McDaniels should add some much-needed shooting to a team that could use it. Joel Embiid and James Harden will need all the help they can get if they’re going to overcome both the Celtics and Bucks to make it to the NBA Finals.

Memphis Grizzlies, +1400

Earlier this season, Grizzlies star Ja Morant said he wasn’t scared of any Western Conference teams challenging Memphis in the postseason. You’d have to think he regrets saying that now.

There are three teams in the West with better NBA Finals odds than the Grizzlies, even though they’ve hovered near the top of the standings all season long. The Grizzlies also failed to pull off any worthwhile deals at the trade deadline outside of a minor trade for Luke Kennard.

Maybe Memphis still has what it takes to make a legit NBA Finals run. But they will have a more difficult path than Morant projected a couple of months ago.

Golden State Warriors, +1500

You can’t ever count out the Warriors when it comes to making noise in the playoffs. As long as Steph Curry is healthy, Golden State will have a chance to advance in the postseason regardless of their NBA Finals odds.

But Curry has dealt with one injury after another this season, which could complicate things and make it difficult for the Warriors to even make the playoffs, much less the NBA Finals. It would be a tough way for their season to end less than a year after winning the 2022 NBA Finals.

Keep Tabs on the Latest NBA Finals Odds

The 2023 NBA trade deadline had a big impact on both NBA conferences. It also had a big impact on the NBA Finals’ odds.

We wouldn’t expect to see this impact end anytime soon, either. The NBA Finals odds will no doubt continue to change in the coming weeks as teams jostle for playoff positioning.

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