Manchester United Transfer News: Paulo Dybala and Romelu Lukaku Swap Deal

As the summer transfer window is heating up and reaching its final week. The Paulo Dybala-Romelu Lukaku transfer is still topping the trends as one of the most imminent transfer deals ever. Several sources close to this story have indicated that this deal is more likely to happen. With both players being very keen to move.

There are several reports from Italy regarding this deal reporting that Manchester United are yet to settle an agreement with Juventus play marker Paulo Dybala. Whilst on the other hand Lukaku has not snubbed Inter Milan for the Italian Champions (Juventus), did you know you can bet on place your bets on your favaurite player or team online sportsbook sites. Lukaku has not travelled with Red Devils during their pre-season tour. And that alone can tell you that the future of the lad is no longer lying at the theatre of dreams.

What is Under the Skin?

It’s actually going to be an interesting transfer window. And as of Manchester United, it seems like they are lagging behind time. It just going to be a roller coaster transfer window for the Red Devils. With the transfer window set to close on the 8th of August. Manchester United is still considering to add some few players to their squad. A midfielder and a centre back are amongst Solskjaer’s wish list with Maguire and Bruno Fernandez topping the list.

All eyes on them to see if they can secure the Paulo Dybala deal before the window closes next week. But as it stands Dybala hasn’t discussed anything about his future with Sarri. And this means that Paulo Dybala might miss Juventus opening season training session until the uncertainty in his future has been addressed.

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