Is Online Gambling in Slovenia Legal?

Yes, gambling at online gambling in Slovenia is legal. Interestingly, gaming at online casinos in Slovenia became legal in 2016. One of the legislation that paved the way for the legalization of casinos in Slovenia is the Gambling Act of 1995. However, the legislation that legalized online gambling in Slovenia doesn’t allow private and foreign parties to become operators of an online gambling platform.

The agency that supervises the operations of online casinos is the Slovenia National Lottery. Nevertheless, foreign online casinos operate in legal gray areas because Slovenian law does not expressly prohibit Slovenian gamblers from using them. We shall be looking at the following.

  • Slovenian online casino regulations you should know ;
  • Brief history and Milestones that led to the legalization of online gambling in Slovenia ;
  • How to start gambling at an online casino in Slovenia ;
  • How to find the best Slovenia online gambling website ;
  • Bonuses available at a Slovenian online casino ;
  • The future of Slovenia’s online gambling industry.

Slovenia online gambling regulations you should know

As stated earlier, gambling at online casinos is legal in Slovenia. Gamblers in Slovenia can bet on foreign gambling sites because there is no law explicitly prohibiting them. However, if you intend to gamble or operate in the Slovenia gambling sector, you need to know certain things.

  • Only land-based casino operators are allowed to operate an online gambling platform. Based on this, Slovenia’s two lottery operators and concessionaires are the bodies allowed to operate online casinos ;
  • If any legal body organizes a game of chance without getting a concession, it will pay a fine of EUR 250,000 ;
  • The person who influenced the legal body to organize the game of chance without a concession will pay a fine of EUR 10,000 ;
  • In addition, the person who organized the game of chance without concession can be imprisoned for ten years ;
  • The Slovenian government blocks some foreign gambling platforms and also imposes fines on unlicensed operators.

However, the European Commission is demanding that Slovenia make its gambling laws more flexible. Liberalizing its online gambling laws will allow players to freely gamble at online casinos or any other platform. Slovenia is a member of the European Union, and it joined in 2004.

Brief history and Milestones that led to the legalization of online gambling in Slovenia

The journey to the legalization of online gambling in Slovenia started many years ago. Meanwhile, Slovenians are not new to gambling because some land-based casinos are very popular. Also, let’s take you through how gambling at online gambling sites started in Slovenia.

  • Grand Casino Portoroz was the first brick-and-mortar casino in Slovenia, launched in 1913. Not quite long after, another casino, Casino Bled, was founded in 1924 ;
  • The First World War caused these casinos in Slovenia to shut down ;
  • In 1965, two Slovenian casinos were open for business ;
  • After Slovenia gained independence, it legalized casinos in 1995 ;
  • Gambling at online gambling platforms became legal in 2016.

Despite the legalization of online gambling in Slovenia, its laws appear to be rigid. More so, as an EU state, the expectation of investors and gamblers is that it should have liberalized the gambling laws.

How to start gambling at an online casino in Slovenia

Playing at a Slovenian online casino is not entirely different from playing on other platforms. There are trusted Slovenia online casinos where you can play your favorite games. To start playing at online gaming sites in Slovenia, do the following.

Register and deposit

Registering is the first requirement to start playing at an online casino in Slovenia. Registration should not take more than ten minutes to wrap up. Most Slovenia casinos will request a minimum deposit to activate the welcome bonus. The

Claim the welcome bonus

To claim the welcome bonus, check the casino’s terms and conditions. Your first deposit must be above a certain amount to claim the welcome bonus.

Check the wagering conditions

Most often, the welcome bonuses require wagering. The wagering requirement is the number of times you deposit to claim your bonus winnings. Also, find out the games that contribute to the wagering requirement.

Start playing

Choose your favorite game and start betting. Meanwhile, if you want to play for real money, you need to play the demo version of the online casino. Playing the demo version of the casino provides a clear picture of what to expect when playing with real money.

How to find the best Slovenia online gambling website

The online gambling sector is enjoying some patronage since mobile gaming became popular. Based on this, some scammers have created online websites that used to defraud people of their money. For the best experience at an online casino slovenija follow these tips.

  • License: Avoid any Slovenia online gambling site that is not licensed. The license on the online gambling site confirms that it has been certified and has gone through all the necessary tests to operate. The online gambling site license is often at the bottom of their homepage. Remember, online casinos that operate in Slovenia must be licensed by the Slovenia National Lottery.
  • Security: Your data may be stolen if you don’t play at an online site with adequate security. Remember, during registration, online gambling sites in Slovenia request data like your name, address, phone number, etc., and if this data lands in the hands of a scam platform, it may be shared with a third party. Ensure that the Slovenian gambling site uses firewall and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technologies.
  • Payment methods: The best online gambling sites in Slovenia have a wide range of payment methods. Look out for platforms that have e-wallets, credit and debit payment methods. Nevertheless, the payment methods should be available in your region.
  • Customer support: Top online gaming websites in Slovenia offer responsive customer support. Also, most have live chat features, an email address, and a phone number you can call. For instant responses, gamblers opt for websites with a live chat feature. Aside from security and welcome bonus, customer support is an important feature you should consider before choosing any online gaming site. Don’t wait until you can’t withdraw your winnings before you reach out to customer support.
  • Software providers: The software providers are responsible for all the games you play at an online casino. If the games are from a software provider that is not trusted, you will not win a single game. The best software providers create their games using the Random Number Generator (RNG). The essence of using the RNG is to ensure that online gaming sites do not rigged or tamper with game results.
  • Game collection: The more games are available at an online gaming site, the merrier. More games mean that the gambler can explore various opportunities to win huge amounts. Some Slovenia online casinos have more than 400 games. If the games are not from reputable software providers, don’t play.

Bonuses available at a Slovenian online casino

The bonuses available at Slovenian online casinos or any other gambling site are not far-fetched from others’ offers. The following bonuses are available at Slovenian gambling sites.

  • Welcome bonus: A gaming platform often welcomes its newly registered players with a bonus, which is why it is called a welcome bonus.
  • No deposit bonus: Any online casino that offers a no deposit bonus loves their players. A no deposit bonus offers new players a chance to win prizes even when they have not deposited any money.
  • Cashback: The cashback reward gives players a chance to recover some of their losses. In some cases, a cashback bonus can be up to 30 percent of your weekly deposits.
  • Referral bonus: As the name implies, a referral bonus is given to players who refer others to register on the gaming site. The referrer will receive a specific amount for referring a new person. The referral bonus will be added to your online casino bonus balance.

The future of Slovenia’s online gambling industry

Despite the restrictions against foreign operators from operating in their jurisdiction, the Slovenia gambling industry has grown. Since online gambling was legalized in 2016, several Slovenians have registered with various online gaming websites. According to Statista, the revenue from online gambling in Slovenia is estimated to reach US$201 million.

Meanwhile, Slovenia’s online sports betting market is projected to reach a market value of US$74.83m in 2024. Online sports betting in Slovenia is becoming popular too. The best part is that Slovenia’s sports betting websites have several sports leagues, and their odds are reasonable.


Slovenia’s online gambling market will improve like other EU countries when they liberalize their gambling laws. Even though no law penalizes Slovenians from betting on online gambling platforms operated by foreigners, some people are still skeptical. If the Slovenia gambling law accommodates foreign operators, it will earn more revenue. Finally, online gambling in Slovenia is emerging, and it will get more steam if foreign investors are allowed to operate. Check for all the features highlighted here before you choose an online gambling site in Slovenia.