IEM Rio Major Viewer Pass, Souvenir Tokens And Stickers

Valve devs have finally revealed and released the traditional update as well as all its much-expected content with a little more than a week before the IEM Rio CS:GO Major begins. The latest update includes the purchasable viewer pass, the stickers of all the qualified teams, the signatures of their players, and the commemorative coin of the upcoming event.

All CS:GO fans can either buy the viewer pass on their own for $10 or pay $18 to access the pass with three included souvenir tokens. As always, 50% of the earnings received from all battle pass purchases will go directly towards supporting the participants and organizations of the IEM Rio Major.

In this paper, we will leave you with everything you need to know about the new content from the latest CS:GO update. Check it out and pick your way to Diamond status for making your picks during the tournament’s challenge.

Souvenir Tokens

As always, there is a way to get souvenir packages during the IEM Rio Major 2022. You can keep track of the progress of the tournament at

In general, souvenir tokens feature gold stickers of the teams and case of the map you selected. The weapon and corresponding skin itself come from the container based on the map played. There will be 7 cases in total (one for each map). The map pool has not changed since the last Major event, so the souvenir sets remained the same as in the PGL Antwerp 2022, respectively.

How to Get

To receive a CS:GO souvenir package, you need to buy and activate the viewer pass beforehand: either the ordinary for $10 or one with three souvenir tokens for $18. These tokens, in turn, can be exchanged for a souvenir package of the match of your choice from any phase during the upcoming contest. In addition, they can be acquired by placing the correct predictions for each stage, including Playoffs, or bought directly from the store market.

Rio 2022 Event Coin

In the traditional update to IEM Rio Major 2022, Valve has also released the commemorative event coin. CS:GO fans can now get it and pump it up by playing the Pick’Em Challenge. The latter will allow players to pick their way to the highest Diamond status by completing specific tasks listed below.

How to Get

To get the Rio 2022 event coin, you need to activate the viewer pass for starters. The standard coin is bronze. However, you can upgrade it up to Diamond status by participating in Pick’em challenge during each stage of the tournament, including Playoffs.

  • Complete three missions to get Silver status.
  • Complete six missions to get Gold status.
  • Complete nine missions to get Diamond status.

Upgrade your IEM Rio event coin through completing challenges by nailing your picks or hitting a minimum of your forecasts. Here is how to make these predictions during the IEM Rio Major Pick’em Challenge.

How to Upgrade

For both Challengers and Legends stages, you need to make nine predictions: one team that will come out with a score of 3-0, another one that will be eliminated 0-3, and seven more participants that will advance to the next stage. To successfully complete each stage, you need to guess 5 out of 9 outcomes.

In the Playoffs, it is necessary to correctly predict the grid for the Champions Stage, including who wins the Grand Final. You can complete up to three challenges by doing any of the following:

  • Correctly predict two squads to reach the Semifinals.
  • Correctly predict one squad to reach the Grand Final.
  • Correctly predict the squad that wins the Grand Final.


In addition to earning tokens and taking part in the Pick’em Challenge, and what is most anticipated by the community, you can now buy the stickers of the participating shields as well as the signatures of their players.

There are six capsules that come at the price of $1 each, and that feature the player autograph sticker from any participant from all the Major phases, as well as a team featuring the logo from any team competing in said stages.

With a little more than a week before the Major in Rio begins, everything is ready from CS:GO to be able to enjoy an event that promises to be historic.