Profession: Casino games tester: what do they do, what skills they need and how to start this career

Casinos require game software, which is near perfect not just in its quality for the gamers, but also its fairness and effectiveness of its mathematical model. The gameplay itself must be smooth, without any bugs and with clean and fast loading – otherwise the player might get bored and choose different games or in some instances even different casinos. This is why testing and especially gamer testing is such a pivotal part of casino game development. Let’s look at how one can become a game tester, what skills you need and why this is such a crucial part of the world of casino games.  

Why are game quality crucial and which game features are tested and studied  

When we look at portals, such as we’ll soon find out it’s easy to find a diverse offer of casinos with thousands of games. Diversity, quality but also chances of offered games are one of the key features putters based their decision on when choosing a new casino. Because of that, providers take extra care about which game software’s they offer and providers of these games on the other side strive to make their games perfect and attractive.  

Importance of quality games comes down to licensed providers. Those always rigorously test their newly developed game for number or reasons, let’s look at them closely:  

Mathematical model
Mathematical model is an algorithm on which the game is based that uses special equations to generate random results.  In practice this means that when a player hits spin on any slot machine that is based on the random number generators the mathematical equation will bring forward the result in a fair gaming environment. What needs to be checked in this manner is whether the percentage of RTP works the way it’s supposed to, and that the mathematical equation is working correctly to offer fair gaming.  

Discoloured graphics, buffering animation or specific features of the game which can be deemed to be distracting or too fleshing might be part of the testing regarding the graphics of the game. In modern video slot offerings, the quality of the graphic design is a huge part of the appeal that games can have for players. This is why it’s also important to check on their quality and smoothness.  

Casino games have diverse setting possibilities and testers check all of them. This includes the possibility to change volatility (which specific games), sound a music setting, playing in full screen mode, adaptation to mobile screens or size of the bets.  


Functionality is key to a great game – not only does the game have to have interesting gameplay, but it also needs to work effectively, smoothly and without mistakes. Testers look at triggers and their easy navigation or automatization of the game that’s being played. Among other checked features are also:  

  • Special functions triggers  
  • Free spins start ups  
  • Easy function to buy bonus (if possible)  
  • Using the auto play feature  
  • Setting up volatility (if possible)

Loading and bugs  

Online casino cz games need to be fast, well accessible and easy to navigate without long buffering and unnecessary bugs. These may include errors or disconnecting the game from the game server, this would cause the need to reload the game or long buffering. Tester finds these bugs and reports them to the providers for their fixing before the game goes live.  

How to become tester and what are the needed skills  

Lastly, we look at how someone can become a game tester. While good knowledge about casino games, software and experiences with gaming through different platforms is always welcome, in most cases it’s not required. However, each company may require different qualifications and experiences. Testers must have good knowledge and skills for technical usage of modern technology, such as smartphones, games, platforms and so on.