How are NFL Odds Calculated?

Before betting on NFL football, you should know how to read odds and the ways in which they work. If you want to make an informed bet, you simply can’t do without this information. Concepts like over/under, moneyline, point spread, and rotation number are key here. On occasion, other names can be used for these, such as rotation mark or number for rotation number or line for moneyline. ‘Total’ can be used instead of over/under. All of these concepts are included in the collective term ‘odds’.

Leveling the Playing Field

Bookmakers use odds to level the playing field, getting people to make bets on both sides of the moneyline. That said, there are haves and have-nots in the NFL despite the overall balance. For example, Cincinnati may be inferior to Indianapolis, but the bookmakers need around 50% of gamblers to wager on the former when they play. This makes sure they’ll get enough money on any game.

The first thing you’ll see when you read NFL odds is the time and date of the game. This information will be available on the left. On the right, you’ll see two numbers and the team names by each. This is the rotation mark or number. These numbers tend to be standard regardless of the bookie. They are like a kind of code used to make reference to a team and game without saying the name of the team.

This number also makes it possible for each sportsbook to list games in numerical order. This is a good way to organize the games and make things easier for everyone involved.

The Spread

The spread is usually first of the types of odds listed to the right of the name, followed by the moneyline. The total is at the end. This enables easy access to all bets in one place.

The most popular bet type is the point spread. It shows the underdog with a plus sign and the favorite with a minus. You’ll see ‘pick’ or ‘even’ if there is no favorite.

The underdog gets points added to their final score while the favorite has them subtracted from it. The latter must beat the spread, meaning their victory must exceed the negative number.

The Moneyline

The winner always pays out with the moneyline. Points are neither added nor subtracted. It’s still possible to even the playing field. This happens when a person makes a smaller bet for a bigger win on the underdog or bets more on the favorite for a smaller win. There is a number and a minus sign by the favorite and a number with a plus sign by the underdog. For the underdog, this number shows the bet you must make to win $100. For the favorite, it represents the win when you bet $100.

The Total

The total or over/under is the last of the main types of bet you’ll see. It predicts how many points both teams will score in total. The stake is the same as with the spread.

As bookmakers are always trying to even out the bets, you should study the odds carefully. A thorough analysis will help you make the most informed bet with the best outcome.