Hall of Fame: NBA Predictions for 10 Best Ever Teams

Every NBA fan has its current favorite team and one team in history that they consider to be the best of all time. Since there are a lot of different opinions, a Hall of game based on most NBA predictions regarding NBA teams was composed. You can access it along with other NBA predictions, right here!

When creating any kind of top 10 or Hall of Fame, one of the most difficult aspect is making sure you keep your objectivity and judge every little aspect in a fair-play way while still taking into consideration the NBA predictions. And even if you’re not an NBA fan, you must agree that some teams over the years have totally overcome all predictions and took their place in history. Below, you will find a top with the best 10 teams that gave us the best NBA predictions of all time.

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Chicago Bulls 1995/96

You don’t have to be an expert to know that most NBA predictions would come up with this result for the first place in the top. There’s no other way around it when you have Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman in your team. The Bulls shattered all NBA predictions when they managed to win 86 out of the 100 games in a regular season, also including the playoffs. When you also add the fact that it was Jordan’s first full season after returning from retirement, you clearly get the best team of all time and not only according to the predictions.

Boston Celtics 1964/65

With amazing players such as Sam Jones, Bill Russel or John Havlicek, the Celtics blew all NBA predictions and broke their own record for most victories and won the seventh championship in a row that season. Not even the most optimistic NBA predictions couldn’t predict such an amazing run for the Boston Celtics. The famous deflection against the Philadelphia 76ers that generated the legendary phrase ‘Havlicek stole the ball ‘earned its place in history.

Philadelphia 76ers 1966/67

Since we mentioned the 76ers just earlier, it’s an interesting statistic, against all NBA predictions, that the very next season, they have presented their best-ever team. With Wilt Chamberlain, Chet Walker and Hal Greer, the boys from Philly managed to end the Boston Celtics domination and set a new record for most wins in a regular season. It was something foreseen by some NBA predictions at the time.
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New York Knicks 1969/70

Having big names such as Willis Reed, Walt Frazier, Bill Bradley, Dick Barnett or Cazzie Russel in the team, earned the NY Knicks the title of the best passing team in NBA history. This is the season when they got the first Championship after defeating the LA Lakers 4-3 in the finals, against all NBA predictions. The same NBA predictions that considered the Lakers to be favorites.

LA Lakers 1971/72

The Lakers were greatly affected by the Championship lost against the Knicks and that gave them the motivation needed to break all NBA predictions and won their first Championship title the very next year. Magic Johnson played a very big part in this phenomenal season and that was the first of a long period of dominance for the Lakers.

Philadelphia 76ers 1982/83

According to the NBA predictions 76ers did not have such a great time after first winning a title in 67 but thanks to players such as Moses Malone, Julius Erving or Andrew Toney, they but together a brave performance all-season long, bringing them the first title after a break of 16 years after defeating the Knicks 4-1 in the Finals. Those that were relying on NBA predictions had a very big surprise that year.

Boston Celtics 1985/86

After a hard 4-2 defeat against the Lakers in the 85 Finals, not even the most optimistic NBA predictions saw Larry Bird, alongside Robert Parish, Kevin McHale and Dennis Johnson lead the Celtics through a fantastic final, managing to set the best home winning percentage in the entire NBA history, with a 40-1 record. Again, something that couldn’t have been predicted by no NBA predictions ever.

LA Lakers 1986/87

It was time for the Lakers to ruin Boston’s good run thanks to an impressive show that went according to the NBA predictions, from the one and only Magic Johnson that set a personal-best 23.9 points per game and 12.2 average on assists. They kept at it and finally defeated the Celtics 4-2 in the Finals. It was an amazing games and even though back then, online gambling wasn’t made possible yet, nowadays players using the NBA predictions to bet on NBA games would have had a lot of amazing possibilities to win big at bookmakers or casino such as Jackpot247.

Detroit Pistons 1988/89

A surprising appearance, even according to the NBA predictions of the time, from a team that did not steal the spotlight until then, the ’89 Pistons managed to put on one of the best defensive teams the modern basketball ever saw and, even without a ‘star’ player, defeated the Lakers 4-0 in the Finals. Nobody saw this coming, not even the official NBA predictions.

Chicago Bulls 1991/92

Again, it’s no wonder that the team with the best predictions, considered the best of them all had more than one positions in this top. Still in the Jordan-era, the Bulls won a record-breaking 91 games, despite all NBA predictions and defeated Portland Trail Blazers 4-2 to end an awesome NBA season.

So, there you go, just some of the magnificent teams NBA fans were able to admire across the years playing at top level, sometimes according to the predictions and other times against all NBA predictions. If you have a specific team in mind you think should enter this Hall of Fame, let us know in the comments section.