Get the Best Out of Your Bookie Software

There is a balancing act in the bookie business, and you must know exactly where you are going and where you stand if you want to make a six-figure income. You must learn to use your bookie software to your advantage and know what’s on your “most important” list. Often, bookies find that it takes a balancing act to make money and retain clients. Here are a few tips that will help you along the way.

  • There is a number one in any “bookie advice” column, all of the other points are equally as important as any other, but you must place this one as you number one and never forget it. Budgeting: Bookie software will not work without a solid money plan. You may have the best pay per head in the business, one that offers all the bells and whistles and one that you can call day or night, nothing matters if you are not following a budget.
  • Find a PPH provider that sets globally competitive, lines and odds. Without the PPH this task is nearly impossible for one person. You need help. You must have a pay per head if you are wanting the best daily lines and odds. Without the PPH, you are stuck going this alone and that means doing it the night before or on the fly when clients call. This is a recipe for disaster. Not even Einstein could have kept his sanity trying to keep up with every game, every day, and every point spread. Stop the madness and find a PPH provider that has a great reputation for lines and odds.
  • Wagering Menu: You want a great one, an effective one and one that appeals to the bulk of your clientele. You must sort out what you don’t want and what you want to budget for. You should absolutely be offering all of the major US sports, what about international soccer, and other non-majors? What do you want to present as a daily offering? This can be overwhelming, and you can quickly get in over your head. Know where you are going and have a master budget with any offerings that you want to include.
  • Remember: The best pay per heads in the gaming industry literally offer everything except the kitchen sink! There are some great PPH providers that will even offer you a month-long free trial to get started but you may not want to use everything.
  • The great PPH providers offer a turnkey solution. They offer a casino, racebook, and sportsbook all in one. What they offer is the best of the best and when it comes to an online casino, you will get what Las Vegas has to offer for no additional charge, you will get the best racebook available with more than 70+ world-class tracks that pay real-time odds.
  • Here we go again with choices. You must decide if you want a racebook and casino. We highly suggest having both. The best part is the PPH will not charge you in addition. They charge you $10 per head whether you operate a casino or not.
  • The casino generates a revenue streamline that you can’t find elsewhere. You may be losing in the sportsbook but it’s a guarantee you will not lose in the casino.
  • The racebook is a must-have if you want loyal players to give you money every day. It’s simple, have a great racebook and you will earn a great income.
  • There are times to cut corners, but you must decide what’s best for your players. You must know your clientele base so that you can know what to eliminate from your daily offerings. Prop wagers are a great example, you should offer them but how many? It’s certainly possible to overload your clients and clutter the process and in the meantime, destroy your budget and bottom line.

Getting the most out of your bookie software is vital to earning a six-figure income and the first step you must make is to find a PPH provider that cares about your success. If you are unhappy or simply think that you could be doing better, then jump out of the rut and into a lifestyle that affords you time to build your business the way you want to build it.

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