CS:GO Betting: How to Place an Accurate Bet?

Some of the best CS:GO betting sites out there can satisfy your needs. The main thing is to find such a place where you can place your bets safely.

Today’s market is overwhelmed with eSports bookies. Not all of them can be trusted though. Many of them are there to steal money from bettors. Nothing more. At https://csgoeasybets.com/, you can find a wide range of markets covered and a wide range of odds to support.

Looking for even more details on CS:GO betting? Let us disclose some of them.

Types of Bets to Focus on While CS:GO Betting

When it comes to BS:GO betting, the selection of bets is crucial. It determines your future success. Depending on the betting assets you want to focus on, you will make your final choice.

What are the most popular types of bets? Which one to choose for a short- and long-term perspective? The below information will help you on your way to success.

Match-winner bets

Beginners usually start their CS:GO betting adventure by guessing a potential winner. This doesn’t seem to be a hard thing to do. Your decision may rely on your luck or on your research. But the point is that it doesn’t require extensive knowledge of the game to place this type of bet. There’s really nothing more to it.

Outright tournament winner bets

Before a big CS:GO tournament starts, bookies offer you to check the betting section to place bets. Each team has different odds to win the tournament, depending on their recent performance and current condition. You are expected to select a potential winner, place a bet, and wait for a final outcome.

Handicap bets

CS:GO handicap bets usually give you much better odds. They also come up with solid payouts upon a positive outcome. Handicap betting focuses on the heavily favored team at a disadvantage to set more attractive odds. For example, the odds talk about Team A’s victory on a CS:GO betting site. This means that if Team A becomes a winner, you won’t get much of a profit from their victory. If you choose a handicap bet of -4.5 on Team A’s victory, your profit margins will get higher.

To achieve the desired result with CS:GO handicap bets, Team A is supposed to win the map you bet on within 4 rounds in a row. For example, Team A becomes a winner on the map 17-13. Generally, the round score looks as follows: 17 Team A – 16.5 Team B.

Over/under bets

The most popular bet involves the number of rounds being played. A bookie will give you a set margin to focus on. You will need to predict how many rounds will be played on a particular map.

Let’s say the CS:GO gambling site provides a 27.5 round margin for a particular map in a match. This means you will be able to bet on “under” or “over”. To succeed with your Under bet, the round needs to be 27 or less. For example, a 17-12 final score. To succeed with your Over bet, the round total should be 28 or more. For example, a 17-13 final score.

Over/under bets are considered to be the most popular. They can be used for match map scores, as well as total rounds on a particular map.

Map winner bets

To benefit from this CS:GO special bet, you need to conduct thorough research and analysis. Map Winner betting relies on team knowledge. What do you know about the team and its players? What is their recent performance? What is their current condition? CS:GO map winner bets usually get placed on BO3 or BO5 matches. You just need to pick a specific map you think a team will win. Map winner bets provide players with some great odds and potential winnings.

Map winner bets can be one of the best ways to make some money from eSports betting. Even the top teams in CS:GO have specific maps they are just more efficient than others. By mixing the type of research with the previous match outcomes for both teams, you can make a more accurate prediction. In other words, extensive research is required to make map winner bets work for you.

More types of CS:GO bets

As you can guess, there are many betting options on the menu. While the types of bets stated above are some of the most actively used by CS:GO bettors. There are lots of other bets to place as well. These include the bets on the accuracy of correct scores, clean sheets, pistol round winners, and many other things.

Make Sure to Bet When There Is Value

These days, there isn’t much value in betting on a particular CS:GO team. The odds are incredibly high. Let’s say Team A has 2.2 odds to become a winner. So you will only make a 0.20 profit on your bet. It doesn’t sound to be a huge winning to fight for. Your task is to discover the areas of CS:GO remaining with low odds. Then, you will be able to get a maximum out of your betting adventure.

By the way, you will get a great amount of money from 1.1 odds. The risks are also there. This is why it is crucial to bet when there is an actual value. Make CS:GO bets work for you rather than against you. Eventually, you will achieve the desired success!