Chicago Cubs Jerseys: Wear Your Pride on Your Sleeve

Do you like baseball? Are you a Chicago Cubs fan? Well, that’s probably the reason why you are reading this right now, isn’t it? Based on your choice of baseball team, we can say that you have great taste. If you are such a big fan of this team, you must have at least one of the Chicago Cubs Jerseys, to express your love for the team.

Chicago Cubs is one of the oldest baseball teams that carries a huge history with it. Before its formation, the team was known as the Chicago White Stockings. The team has won many hearts and several matches. It has also set numerous records in baseball history. However, nothing stays the same forever. Chicago Cubs have faced many ups and downs in their lifetime, but people still love them for their amazing performance.

Being a huge fan of this outstanding baseball team, you might be aware of certain facts and rumors about it. Here, we will discuss some important achievements of the team and their history.

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs, one of the most popular and most loved American baseball teams, is a great part of the National League. As a part of this League, Chicago Cubs compete in MLB (Major League Baseball) which is the highest level of organized baseball in the US and Canada. This baseball team also plays its home games at Wrigley Field which is situated on the North side of Chicago.

Due to their origin in the North side of the city, the Chicago Cubs are also known as “The North Siders”. There is another baseball team based in Chicago (on the southern side of the city), known as the White Sox, which you must be aware of. This team plays its home games in the Guaranteed Rate Field, which is situated in the south of Chicago city.

Some of the top players of the Chicago Cubs include Matt Shaw, Cade Horton, Dansby Swanson, Pete Crow-Armstrong, and Adbert Alzolay among others. You must be familiar with these names, after all, you are a huge Cubs fan.

The Ups and Downs of the Cubs

The Chicago Cubs is a very old baseball team with so much history to tell. The team was first formed as the “Chicago White Stockings” in the early 1870s. In 1876, they joined the National League and became one of its founding members.

The first-ever baseball game played by the White Stockings was in 1870 against the Union Club of St. Louis. In that game, the Union got defeated by 7-1 which was a great victory for the team. Later that year, this Chicago team also won the National Association of Base Ball Players Championship, which was the nation’s top-organized league for baseball at that time.

After some successful matches, the White Stockings created a record of .798 winning percentage by winning 67 games in 1880, which was an all-time National League record. Around the early 1900s, the “Chicago Daily News” referred to the team as “Cubs” because of their youthful energy. Later, the “Chicago White Stockings” changed their name to “Chicago Cubs”.

In 1902, this famous baseball team set another record by winning a total of 116 games out of 154. This also helped them win many hearts and a respectful place in the baseball world. In 1907-1908, the Chicago Cubs won back-to-back World Series titles.

However, there are always ups and downs in life. After a good winning streak and becoming a renowned baseball team, the Chicago Cubs lost their charm. They began to lose several games and only had one winning season on their side from 1947 to 1966. This made them a forgettable baseball team and marked them as one of the worst teams in the National League.

As it was said earlier, there are always ups and downs, now was the time for ups for the Chicago Cubs. The team has won two consecutive victories in 1967 and 1968 which marked the ending of two defeating decades. But this victorious era didn’t stay for long. Soon after this, their performance declined and they were referred to as “Loveable Losers”

The Chicago Cubs have faced various setbacks from their formation till the present. For example, in 1985, all the top four pitchers in the team moved to the disabled list and were defeated by 77-84. Around the 1990s, the Chicago Cubs were backseated in the baseball headlines. People started to forget the team as others were performing brilliantly.

This baseball team has gone through many new recruitments and goodbyes over the years, affecting their performance. They had tasted several defeats but finally, in 2003 they won their first division title in almost 14 years. This marked a great comeback for the Chicago Cubs in their baseball journey.

Unfortunately, after the comeback, the “Steve Bartman Incident” happened, according to which the team had dropped a successful catch because of a fan named “Steve Bartman”. Due to this incident, the Chicago Cubs failed to reach the World Series. This led to a turning point in the team’s fate and they did not win any game for the next 11 seasons.

In 2009, the Ricketts had required the ownership of the Chicago Cubs. After that, the Cubs won three consecutive seasons, which was something that hadn’t happened since 1972. In the late 2010s, they had their first National League Championship Series win since 1969 and their first World Series appearance since 1945.

These ups and downs have never stopped for the team but they never failed to win hearts. They are now one of the top teams in the National League and performing amazingly.

Mascots and Music

The mascot of your beloved Chicago Cubs is a Bear Cub named “Clark”. He is considered a young and friendly cub representing the team. Clark was announced as the first official mascot of the Chicago Cubs in 2014. He is named after Clark Street where the Wrigley Field is located.

Clark is a friendly cub who greets fans with a cheerful smile. He can be seen wearing a uniform similar to the team and a backward baseball cap. You can find him in many baseball matches and events cheering up for the team and greeting fans. The announcement of Clark has made the Chicago Cubs one of the many baseball teams in the National League with mascots.

The Chicago Cubs fans are also crazy about their theme song, “Go, Cubs, Go” by Steve Goodman. This song was recorded in 1984 which was also the year the team got its first National League Eastern Division title in 39 years. The song was played from time to time at the Wrigley Field, but after 2007 the song started to be played on speakers for every home victory of the Cubs.

The story of the theme song of the Chicago Cubs started in 1969 with the song “Hey! Hey! Holy Mackerel!”. The members of the team at that time also recorded an album named “Cub Power”. In 1995, The Mountain Goats recorded a song with the title “Cubs in Five” referring to the improbability of the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series.

Another famous song is “All the Way” by Eddie Vedder who is a huge Cubs fan. To commemorate the 100 years of the Cubs’ victory in the 1908 World Series, an album was released in 2008 entitled “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”.


No game is fun without competition. One of the most famous and the most obvious competitors of the Chicago Cubs is the Chicago White Sox. Both these teams have their origin in the same city, Chicago, which makes them big rivals. These two teams are referred to as “The North Siders” (The Chicago Cubs) and “The South Siders” (The Chicago White Sox) because of the location of their home grounds are located in the respective areas of the city.

Another powerful competitor of the Chicago Cubs is the St. Louis Cardinals. This rivalry is popular as the I-55 Series because of the location of both cities alongside Interstate 55. Milwaukee Brewers is also one of the Chicago Cubs’ competitors and this rivalry is known as I-94 because of the location of Interstate 94.

Chicago Cubs Jersey

So, now you know a lot about your favorite baseball team. Despite many ups and downs in their journey, the Chicago Cubs is one of the finest American baseball teams. You should be proud to be a fan of such an amazing team. To show your love for the Chicago Cubs, you can cheer for them in their games, wear the Chicago Cubs Jersey to the matches, or join a meet and greet with the team players.

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