Can Manchester City win the Premier League and the Champions League in the 2022-2023 season?

Pep Guardiola’s side are currently second in the English Premier League after a surprisingly strong start from Arsenal and have confidently qualified for the Champions League round of 16 where City face German side Leipzig. Perhaps the season did not start perfectly for the Citizens, but it is foolish to argue with the power and dominance of this team, especially when Erling Haaland plays in attack.

Mostbet uz yuklab olish bookmakers consider Pep Guardiola’s team the main favorite to win the Premier League and the Champions League, and many fans support this opinion. Let’s take a look at City’s prospects for these titles this season.

Manchester City failures in past seasons

If a team is generally doing well in the Premier League, the team, though not without difficulty, continues to win the championship, often in the last round. Over the past 5 seasons in the Premier League, the Citizens have managed to get 4 titles, and only once lost it to Liverpool, in 2019-2020. However, in the Champions League things are not going well for Guardiola’s team. Every year, the Citizens face the same problem. On paper, the team looks great, but over time, problems are revealed. At the moment, the Champions League is the forbidden fruit City fans want to taste.

Last season, Guardiola’s team lost dramatically to Real Madrid, who later won the cup. Previously, MS lost in the final match to Chelsea, before that to Lyon, Tottenham, Liverpool and Monaco. One way or another, for sure, in the current season, as in previous draws, this team will bet on the Champions League, no matter what the representatives of the club say.

Manchester City’s prospects in the English Premier League for the 2022-2023 season

Strange as it may sound, the Citizens simply have no equal in the Premier League. Four of the last five seasons have ended with the triumph of Guardiola’s team, and in many ways, these successes are attributed to his coaching genius. If we talk about the last time the team did not enter the TOP-4 of the strongest teams in the English Championship, then this happened in the distant 2009-2010 season. However, then the team was coached by Roberto Mancini. With the arrival of Pep Guardiola, the team became simply invincible, however, only in the domestic championship.

Some will say that all these City successes are artificial. This is partly true, because the sheikh came to the team, who provides an unlimited budget, the Citizens can buy the best players and hire the best coaches. However, you also need to know how to spend money. Of course, a large amount of funding does not give a 100% guarantee of winning the most powerful League in the world. But City’s game in recent years has been truly champions and no one argues with that.

This season, Liverpool is not a competitor for MS, but London’s Arsenal, where Gabriel Jesus lights up, leads the Premier League and is determined to create a sensation. Bookmakers, however, treat the prospects of the Gunners with caution. The odds for Manchester City to win the Premier League are only 1.44, even though they are currently in 2nd place. We agree with these odds and believe City have a very good chance of catching up and overtaking Arsenal.

Manchester City prospects in the Champions League in 2022-2023

In the current Champions League draw, City got into a fairly simple group with Borussia Dortmund, Sevilla and Copenhagen, from where they easily came out of first place. Guardiola’s team secured their place in the Playoffs already in the first 3 games, having obtained 3 confident victories. In the future, the “Citizens” allowed themselves to draw 2 times and won again, which was more than enough for the first place.

If we talk about City’s rivals in the 1/8, then they were lucky here. With all due respect to the German “Leipzig”, this rival for the “Citizens” is more than a passerby. Bookmakers evaluate the passage of “MS” to the quarterfinals with a coefficient of 1.16, which cannot be disagreed with.

How Manchester City fare in the Playoffs will depend on whether they can beat the German team and also on what kind of opponents they come across in the future. However, now the club looks so strong and has such a powerful selection of players that City can no doubt be considered the main favorite of the Champions League. The team has everything to win this tournament!