Betting on the NFL: How to Use Advanced Metrics to Make Better Picks

The key to making smart bets is understanding the game and using advanced metrics to your advantage. Advanced metrics are data-driven tools that help you analyze player and team performance in order to make better decisions when betting on football games. These metrics provide an in-depth look at different aspects of the game, from player stats and team strategies to offensive and defensive lineups. For instance, if you are checking out some NFL odds this week, studying these advanced metrics will bring you valuable insights into how teams match up against each other and how players perform.

Expected Points Added

Expected Points Added (EPA) is a metric used to measure the value of each play in terms of points. It considers the down, distance and field position when calculating the expected number of points that will be scored on a given play. EPA can be used to evaluate individual players or teams as a whole. For example, if you are looking at an NFL team’s offense, you can use EPA to see how well they are performing compared to other teams in the league. You can also use it to compare individual players within a team and see which ones are contributing more than others. When betting on NFL games EPA can help you make better picks by letting you know which teams have higher expected point totals than their opponents.

Adjusted Yards per Attempt

This advanced metric looks at a quarterback’s passing yardage and divides it by attempts with adjustments made for touchdowns and interceptions. This enables us to get a better understanding of how effective a quarterback is in terms of passing yards gained per attempt. The higher the AY/A value the more efficient that quarterback is as a passer. By looking at this metric we can make more informed decisions when drafting players in fantasy football or making bets on games.

Total QBR

Total QBR (Quarterback Rating) is a metric used to measure the performance of quarterbacks in the NFL. It takes into account all aspects of a quarterback’s play including passing, rushing and turnovers. The higher the Total QBR score the better the quarterback’s performance. When it comes to betting on NFL games Total QBR can be an invaluable tool for making informed decisions. By looking at a quarterback’s Total QBR score over time, you can get an idea of how well they have been playing and whether or not they are likely to perform well in upcoming games.