Best Support Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends is a free-to-play game that provides hours of entertainment. Each game of League of Legends (LoL) pits a team of 5 members against each other in an epic battle. The Nexus in the base of each team is guarded by turrets that can shred through your allies within seconds of coming into its line of sight. The best champions in the support role can help their team by healing their teammates with their abilities.

Support champions play an integral part of LoL tournaments. Esports teams have a deeper strategy to win matches with support champions backing them up during team fights. The number of abilities and items in LoL can motivate support champions to stay close to the team and prevent their allies from getting killed.

Here’s a rundown of the best support champions in League of Legends.


Soraka is a support champion with a number of regenerative abilities. She has a movement speed of 325 at the start of a match and gains additional movement speed by using abilities throughout the game. Her passive ability, Salvation, grants her up to 70% movement speed bonus around allies with low health. Soraka can close in on teammates who have taken a significant amount of damage to restore health to them in battles.

She can cast Astral Infusion to replenish 170 health to her allies in LoL matches. Astral Infusion has a cooldown of 2 seconds and consumes 60 mana per cast, letting Soraka use it several times in her lane to save her allies. Her ultimate ability, Wish, can be cast from anywhere on the map to instantly restore 350 health to all her teammates during team fights. She can watch the mini-map between hitting minions in lanes to bring back her allies from the brink of death. Wish has a cooldown of 130 seconds, requiring her to time her ulti carefully in her games.

The Starchild can destroy her enemies with magical damage using Starcall and Equinox. Soraka can cast Starcall once every 4 seconds to deal 225 damage to her opponents. She gains additional healing abilities for 2.5 seconds after Starcall hits enemies. Starcall has a radius of 265, letting Soraka strike multiple champions in the enemy team.

You can use Equinox to silence enemies around Soraka for 1.5 seconds. She can deal up to 340 magical damage with Equinox to mitigate her opponents in LoL tournaments. Equinox can also stop her enemies from using summoner spells like Dash and Flash to escape team fights.


Senna has an increased attack range to ward off incoming attacks from the enemy team. She can turn on Curse of the Black Mist to become invisible for up to 8 seconds. Any allied champions around Senna will also gain camouflage for the duration of the ability. Senna can plan and execute attacks with precision while Curse of the Black Mist is active.

Once near an enemy champion, Senna can use Dawning Shadow to deal 550 physical damage. Senna and her allies gain a shield that can absorb up to 200 damage from enemies after being affected by Dawning Shadow. She can heal her wounded allies by casting Piercing Darkness in battles. Piercing Darkness can be used on multiple champions to heal over 100 health per cast. Enemy champions attacked with Piercing Darkness have their movement speed slowed for 2 seconds, letting her allies flee to safety. The extended cast range of Piercing Darkness helps Senna eliminate her enemies from far distances.

You can buy a Locket of the Iron Solari to increase the magic resistance of Senna in LoL matches. Senna gains 30% magic resistance, 200 health, and 30 armor by purchasing the item for 2300 gold. Senna can activate Locket of the Iron Solari to shield allied champions around her, making Senna an outstanding support champion.

Thresh is a vicious support champion in LoL with a variety of abilities that can be used to defeat his enemies. He gains bonus armor by collecting souls from fallen minions, monsters, and champions. You can buy a Targon’s Buckler for Thresh to farm more gold from monsters. Targon’s Buckler grants bonus health, increases his health regeneration rate, and the gold gained per minute. You can also use the item to place Stealth Wards around the Summoner’s Rift map to reveal enemy champions farming away from their lanes.

He can stun his opponents for 1.5 seconds using Death Sentence to deal 300 magical damage. You can Dash toward stunned enemies to annihilate them in battles while playing Thresh. The support champion can cast a shield using Dark Passage on nearby allies with his lantern. Allies protected by Dark Passage can take up to 130 damage from enemy units without losing health.

A pair of Plated Steelcaps can increase the armor of Thresh by 20. The item will provide an additional 45 movement speed to Thresh, helping the support hero run from lethal situations. You can cast Flay with Thresh to deal over 235 magical damage and push back enemies in lanes. He can restrain the movement of his enemies by casting The Box around him. Enemy champions making their way out of The Box will be dealt up to 550 magical damage.