Best Device to Play Bingo

Once upon a time there was only one way to play Bingo, and that was to try and find a place that a man named Edwin S. Lowe had also recently been too. The reason why? Well, this man – Edwin S. Lowe – is the person responsible for transforming the game of Bingo into the commercial juggernaut it is today. In fact, without him Bingo would not even be called Bingo! 

This was back in the early days of the 20th Century, where the entrepreneurial Mr Lowe first had the idea of one centralized and universal way of playing Bingo. We don’t think even he would have predicted the immense success of this, with the game now being played all around the world in various forms. You can even play it online at! But what is the best device to play Bingo on? Well, let’s have a look. 

Pen and paper 

Ye olde faithful, people have been playing Bingo with a pen and paper since before it was even called Bingo. Oh yes, this was how the originators would play Bingo, and it is also the same way we all play the game in Bingo halls to this day. Some times you just cannot beat the old school methods, and it also makes for a hell of a lot more nostalgia too! 

There are, however, some downsides to using the traditional pen and paper method of playing Bingo, especially in the 21st Century where there are admittedly a host of other more practical alternatives. The main thing is that, unless you have a home Bingo kit, you are going to need to make the journey to a Bingo hall in order play on pen and paper, something that, as we will say, isn’t the case for some of the other devices you can play Bingo on. 


Around about the 1990s human civilization was rocked to the core by an invention that we like to call the Internet, and it genuinely changed everything. Suddenly the world was so much more connected, with people able to speak to each other instantly from anywhere they found themselves provided they had a solid Internet connection. 

This was fantastic news for the gambling industry, as it meant that it could make the jump online and attract far more players. The main reason for this is that it is just way more practical playing Bingo online, simply because you don’t have to ever leave your house. There is also a lot more scope in terms of what it is possible to do during Bingo, so things can often be a lot more exciting. 

Mobile phone 

The online Bingo industry experienced incredible growth during the first several years of the 21st Century, however there was something even bigger that was set to revolutionise the way people played. That’s right, with the emergence of mobile gaming came a whole new level of popularity for Bingo, as people were now able to play on their mobile phones from quite literally anywhere – even under the desk at work!