Are There Different Types of Online Bingo?

You’ve probably heard people say bingo is on a decline. But is it, really? The number of bingo halls around the world is reducing. But in the UK, more people are showing interest in bingo thanks to the Internet.

A recent study shows over 3.5M people play bingo in the UK. Women play the game more often than men. What online bingo types do they play?

90-Ball Bingo

The name says it all. This game has 90 balls. Usually, the first step of playing online bingo is to buy a virtual ticket. You can purchase multiple tickets to increase your chances of winning. For example, you can buy a strip of six tickets or a batch of six strips to increase your odds of winning even further.

With 90-ball bingo, you receive a ticket with 27 squares. Only 15 of the 27 tickets have numbers printed on them. They have numbers 1 to 90 printed in columns (1-9, 10-9, 80-90). The remaining slots are blank.

An online bingo game begins after a count down. That way, people can buy their tickets to get into a bingo room at the same time. When the game begins, a ball card generator chooses numbers randomly.

While this is happening, you mark the numbers on your cards. You can also allow computer software to market the numbers so that you don’t miss out on any numbers.

How do you win money in 90-ball bingo? Mark all numbers in one line, two lines or three lines (a full house). The amount of money you win depends on your bet amount and whether a game features a jackpot or not.

80-Ball Bingo

80-ball bingo is one of the modern versions of the game. It’s a variant for people who think 75-ball bingo is too cliché and 90-ball bingo is rather slow. This game features tickets featuring a 4×4 grid.

The grid has 16 numbers. To spice up gameplay, some games color the four columns in 80-ball bingo: Red, yellow, blue and silver. A red colored column features number one through 20. Yellow takes 21-40. Blue features numbers 41-59 while silver takes up 60-80.

In the usual style, you can activate computing dabbing or mark the numbers manually using a manual marker. When it comes to winning, 80-ball bingo can be creative. Completing a line can make you money. And you can also win by marking numbers diagonally or vertically.

Another way to win money in 80-ball bingo is by marking the four numbers in every corner of your card. For a full house, mark all the numbers on your card.

75-Ball Bingo

Unlike many bingo types, 75-ball bingo originated in the US in the 1920s. Over the years, it grew incredibly popular around the world. It’s particularly popular in the UK and you can find it at leading bingo sites.

For the uninitiated, 75-ball bingo comes with a 5×5 grid with the numbers one through 75 printed in columns. The middle square is intentionally left blank, though. Another thing to know about 75-ball bingo is that it varies greatly depending on the software provider or casino.

That’s also true for prizes. Some bingo sites let you purchase up to 96 tickets to maximize your potential profits. Interestingly, 75-ball bingo also features a variety of ways to win. The game also tends to welcome loads of players per session.

But what exactly do you need to win in a 75-ball bingo game? Form a line or two lines across, vertically or diagonally. You can also win more money by marking cards in two diagonals. However, the best prizes lie in covering all the numbers on your ticket.

30-Ball Bingo

So, you love quick bingo games? It doesn’t get faster than 30-ball bingo. It’s cheap too, with tickets costing as little as one penny. A 30-ball ticket has 3×3 grid with nine numbers on it. Unlike regular games, speed bingo arranges numbers in rows and not columns.

The first row has numbers on to 10. The next row features number 11 to 20 and the third row has number 21 to 30 on it. Rule wise, you’ll find varying rules depending on the bingo site you join. That’s because the game is still relatively new.

In all sites, though, 30-ball bingo has a fast pace. Again, the main goal is to mark numbers on a line. Covering all spots wins you the grand prize.

Jackpot Bingo

Jackpot bingo is another variation of bingo growing popular online fast. Basically, software developers and sites determine which variants of bingo to add jackpots. A game might have a random or progressive pot.

A random jackpot carries a fixed prize. All you need is to cover the specific spots needed to unlock the grand prize. With progressive bingo, the jackpot increases over time. Where does the money come from?

It comes from players like you. Let’s say you buy a $2 bingo ticket. One dollar might be added to the jackpot while the remaining dollar is used to play non-jackpot prizes. The grand prize increases every time people bet and fail to win.

Once someone claims the grand prize, the game resets to a specific amount. Some jackpot bingo games carry incredibly generous amounts, up to $1M or more.

Deal or No Deal Bingo

Deal or No deal bingo is a type of bingo inspired by the famous TV show of the same name. In the TV competition, players choose a numbered box to reveal an amount of money won. Things are pretty similar with the bingo version.

The game follows a 90-ball or 75-ball bingo format. Although numbers appear in rows, 21 of the numbers are hidden in Deal or No Deal boxes. There’s also a mystery box with an unspecified amount.

A caller announces the numbers while the hidden rewards are revealed. If you hit a full house, the banker offers a deal from the numbers not yet revealed. At some sites, your fellow bingo players can help you make the decision.