A Guide to Placing Your First Golf Bet

Golf is one of the most popular sports played around the world, but while lots of us play golf, not many people bet on it. Golf betting can be lots of fun, and it’s easier than you’d think. If you fancy placing a bet, then we’ve come up with a guide to help you. Keep reading below to find out all you need to know about golf betting:

1.      Before You Get Started

Before placing your first bet, it’s a good idea to learn the basics of the sport. One of the best ways you can learn everything you need to know about golf is by taking some golf lessons. A Minnesota golf instructor will teach you everything you need to know and they may even be able to give you some betting advice.

2.      Which Tournament Should You Bet On?

When it comes to betting on golf, there are two main tournaments you can choose from. The first one is called the PGA Tour. This tournament is mainly played in the US with the occasional event taking place in South America or Asia. The majority of players in this tournament were born in America.

The other main tournament you could bet on is the European Tour. This tournament takes place across Asia, Continental Europe and Southern Africa. In fact, the 2016 tournament was played across 26 different countries.

The best players from each of these tournaments are usually also asked to take part in four Majors per year:

  • The US Open
  • The Masters
  • The Open
  • The USPGA Championship

These tournaments are the most popular tournaments to bet on. There are lots of betting tips available for these tournaments online.

There are also a number of other golf tournaments throughout the year, but these tournaments aren’t quite as popular with sports fans. These tournaments include:

  • LPGA Golf
  • Matchplay Golf Tournaments
  • Lower ranked tours

3.      Betting Odds Explained

There are usually around 140 players in every tournament. This means that there are some huge prizes on offer for golf betters. Like all bets, you could choose to bet on one of the favorite players, a mid-range option, or choose to go for an outsider. You will get more money if you bet on an outsider and they win.

When it comes to golfing, odds can change quickly. One week a golfer may be ranked as an outsider, and the next they might be classed as one of the favorites.

So, what do the odds mean? If a player is listed at 34.0, then this means that the possibility of them winning is 1/34 or 2.94%. Understanding probability can help you choose which golfer to bet on.

You also need to work out how much money you could earn from your bet. To do this, you will need to multiply your stake (the amount of money you bet) by the odds. You will then need to minus your stake from the total in order to work out your winnings.

The Types of Bet

There are a number of types of golfing bets including:

  • Golf each way bet
  • Tournament winner
  • Top nationality
  • Golf match bet
  • Hole in one bet

You will need to decide which type of bet to place.

Golfing is an extremely popular sport. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people placing bets on their favorite golfers. Knowing the rules and having a strategy is key to being successful in sports betting. Good luck with placing your first bet!