Tips for Being a Bookie

If you are looking to be a bookie and take action on sports then the first thing you should do is find a pay per head service. A pay per head service does all the heavy lifting for you by providing you with a website and posting thousands of up to the second odds for your players to bet on each day. In addition, these services grade every wager as soon as the game ends and then all daily and weekly balances get automatically updated on both the player’s and agent’s account.

Once you actually find a pay per head service, like, that fits all your needs then the key to being a profitable bookie is to grow your business and keep getting more players. The more players you can get then the more money you can make because 1 player can only lose so much money, so it’s important to have as many players as possible.

One good tip for getting new players is to offer people free plays.

A free play is exactly what it sounds like which is a free amount a player can bet on a game. So for example, if you give someone a $100 free play they can use this all at once to make one wager or they can break it up into smaller wagers. If they end up losing the bet, then no money will be deducted from their account since it is a free play, and if they win the wager then the money that was won will be added to their current balance. So there is no way for them to lose this free play bet, but it gives the player a chance to get hooked on sports betting.

Just like anything else, gambling can be a very addictive hobby for people and that is why it’s a great idea to give potential new clients a free play so they can get to bet for free and then also get them interested in continuing to bet. Also, this is an economical way for the agent to acquire new customers because the free play is not an out of pocket expense, and does not cost you anything to give.

In addition to using free plays to get new customers, you can offer your current customers a free play amount if they can refer a new client to you. This will entice your current players to help you out and possibly get you, additional customers. Also, you can utilize your social media websites and contact all your old friends, schoolmates, co-workers, colleagues and life acquaintances and offer them a free play to get them interested in betting with you.

The other main tip for being a bookie is to make sure that when your players win, that you pay them as fast as possible. The faster you pay your customers the happier they will be, and a happy bettor will definitely give you a much better chance that he will refer you to other people he knows. Players always worry about whether or not they will get paid when or if they win, so it is important to remove this worry from any of your players by paying them as fast as possible because players never recommend a bookie that they have delays and issues getting paid from.

If you can just follow these few tips then your bookie business will continue to grow and you will continue to make more money from it as each year passes.

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