Super Bowl LII Preview and Prediction

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Well, we are finally here, Super Bowl LII will kick off on Sunday, February 4th at 6:30 pm at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, where the New England Patriots will face the against an all odds, Philadelphia Eagles.

Can the Patriots Win their 6th Super Bowl?

The lines opened early last week at with the Patriots favorite by 5.5, this line has since dropped to 4.5 as Philadelphia fans or Patriot haters have been placing their hard-earned money on the Eagles.

Some shops have even gone as far as dropping the line to -4 on the Patriots to try and balance out their risk, but the experts at Ace Per Head think this is a little desperate.

Sure, the Eagles have been impressive during their playoff run, and they seem to like being the underdog in big games, and normally we would side with them if it were not the fact that this is still the Patriots, and Brady is still front and center with a chip on his shoulder and a lot to prove.

Having said that, here is how the Eagles could end up upsetting the Patriots on Sunday:

It is no secret that there are holes in the New England team contrary to the Eagles who seem like a very balanced, tight team lately, the key to winning is in their interior pass rush which might be too much for Brady, if the Eagles can maintain pressure on Brady they might have a chance at winning this outright.

Brady himself has said that the Eagles defensive line is the toughest he has faced all year, and the Eagles are certainly waiting for the opportunity to show him he is right.

But, as we said, these are the New England Patriots, and both Brady and Belichick know how to win big games. Belichick knows how to strip his opponents defense and give Brady a chance to do what he does best, and although some may argue that the Philadelphia defensive line is too balanced and strong, they will be playing in unfamiliar territory. The Patriots, in contrast, are going for their 6th Super Bowl ring, while I’m sure there is still the excitement of being in the Super Bowl the nerves are all but gone by now.

While other outlets are dropping the line on the Patriots, the experts at Ace Per Head are still holding it at 4.5, because they understand the way these things work, the public will get excited at getting an extra half point on the underdog, but let’s face it, in this sport a -4.5 line equals a -6 line. This helps create interest in the game, sharp players like the fact that a 4.5 line gives them the possibility of a safety or even 2-point conversion win, the public feels like it is getting a break.

The reality is some players are expecting this line to go down further before kickoff on Sunday, but that is an unlikely scenario after all the Patriots dominated this season and so far, they have shown no signs of backing down, even if their unlikely opponent has played flawlessly in the previous games.

Bottom line: Patriots win 24-17

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