Pittsburgh vs Duke Preview and Prediction [1/20/18]

Are the Duke Blue Devils the Duke Blue Devils of old? Absolutely not, not even close. They are still Duke and they are still good, and they will always be good. This is who duke is, this is what Duke does they recruit better than anybody they get all American players and they are always difficult to compete with on every level. The Duke Basketball program is on top of the mountain and they are who they are because Mike Krzyzewski brought them.

Mike Krzyzewski is maybe the best NCAA Division 1 basketball coach, in the history of basketball coaching. Now, there have been some amazing coaches in the history of basketball there have been amazing coaches before Mike and there will be amazing coaches when he retires.

“We are only going to get better from here,” freshman Marvin Bagley said since the Blue Devils pulled off a riveting comeback victory against Miami earlier in the week. “Every day we’re trying to get better as a team and we’re growing together.”

The Blue Devils are not on a roll but they are getting better and their latest winning streak started in Pittsburgh with a route and a final score of 87- 52.

Freshman guard Gary Trent Jr has been outstanding…

“My teammates are finding me,” Trent said. “Coach (Mike Krzyzewski) is drawing up great plays. Everything is coming together for me at the right time and just doing my job, what I’m supposed to do.”

The Blue Devils are coming off a win Monday night in Miami where Gary Trent hit six 3-pointers which tide a Duke record for a freshman.

The Blue Devil are not accustomed to playing from behind, they are not accustomed to making big comebacks, they are used to dominating opponents, controlling the tempo of each and every game. The Blue Devil bro people out and that is what they are used to this is how they win so many big games.

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“We continue playing our game, trust what (Krzyzewski) told us and trust each other,” Trent said. “(Against Miami), he emphasized playing tough, playing hard and getting rebounds and everything would take care of itself and it did.”

Here is the deal; the Duke Blue Devils are laying 28 points in this game. We have already established that we don’t like Pittsburgh in this game, Pittsburgh has a 0.5% chance of winning this game. They basically have no chance to win this game and they will not win this game. However, this game just might be closer than Vegas thinks. 28 points is a mighty lot of points. The Blue Devils opponent is not even ranked but that’s okay for betting purposes, it matters not.

Duke may not be the team they used to be but they are getting better and with Coach K, they will continue to get better as the season goes on.

The Panthers are not playing well and everybody knows it. Today, the play must be on Duke, for a couple of weeks now Duke’s behavior has not been up to par. Their mental toughness has been tested but maybe, this is just what the doctor ordered for the Blue Devils.

Prediction: Pittsburgh +29

courtesy of America’s Bookie