Online Sportsbook Super Bowl LII Betting

The 2017 NFL season comes down to one last matchup in Super Bowl LII between the favored New England Patriots out of the AFC and the underdog NFC Champion Philadelphia Eagles. The early betting spread for this game at most offshore sportsbooks taking online action on this game as settled in at five points on early betting. The total line for the game is sitting at 48 points.

Over the past 50 years, the NFL’s championship game as evolved from an interesting matchup for football fans between the NFL’s newly merged conferences to a high-profile extravaganza that captures the full attention of a global market as the biggest single-day sporting event of the year. The Super Bowl has also evolved to become the biggest single-day betting event of the year that involves billions of dollars in play. This can range from the $50 local office block pool to six-figure wagers on the outcome from one single bettor.

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Just about everyone and anyone with a passing interest in the Super Bowl will have a financial stake at risk come the first Sunday in February. If the Super Bowl is one of your biggest betting events of the year, then now is the time to develop an overall betting strategy that gives you the best shot to earn a solid return on investment.

The first step in the process is to set your Super Bowl betting budget. These should be discretionary funds outside of your overall sports betting budget since life does go on in the world of sports betting after Feb. 4. Once you have determined your betting budget, the next step is to allocate those funds in terms of how you wish to bet on the big game.

Betting on a side with the pointspread and on the total combined score with that set betting line may be the most common way to bet on this game, just like you would for any other NFL game. However, you are just scratching the surface when it comes to all the ways you can bet on this game.

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If you believe that New England is destined to win yet another world title in convincing fashion, then betting heavy on the Patriots to cover the closing spread may be your best bet. However, you must also keep in mind that today’s top online books roll out the red carpet when it comes to the variety of betting options they post on the board for a Super Bowl. Most of these added betting options come in the form of prop bets that cover just about every conceivable aspect of this game both on and off the field. Whether they are silly bets involving the costumes of the halftime performers or serious moneymaking opportunities covering both team and player performances, you owe it to yourself to use the two weeks leading up the big game to do your homework.

The list of available props across a wide spectrum of online betting outlets continues to grow along with the countdown to kickoff. By the time Feb. 4 does finally roll around, there will literally be hundreds of different Super Bowl prop bets in play.  It can be very easy to get carried away betting on Super Bowl props, so it is important to narrow things down to a few plays that have the best value on the board.

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The Super Bowl is the most over-hyped sporting event of the year, so it becomes very easy to become distracted by all the media attention this game receives. In reality, it is still just a football game between two very good teams that will be decided on the field. Once you determine how you see things playing out, then go find the betting props that best fit this scenario.