Is it Legal to Be a Bookie in Canada?

Gambling is a huge market, and it is estimated that Canadians wager over $20 billion annually. The laws have changed and Canadian provinces are given exclusive authority to administer legalized forms of gambling. However, the best way to ensure that it is legal to be a bookie in Canada is by speaking to a local attorney in your province to see the specific gambling rules in that district.

If you are lucky enough to be located in a province where it is legal to be a bookie then the best way to be successful in that type of business venture is to get set up with a pay-per-head service.

What Does a Pay Per Head Service Do?

These pay per head sportsbook software services cater to bookies, by providing them with a fully inclusive sportsbook site, where they internally manage and update all the lines up to the second, and post thousands of betting options each day for players to choose from.  Then after each game concludes, the provider will immediately grade each game as a winner or loser on each bet, and all balances will be automatically updated into both the player and agents’ accounts.

These services handle all the bookmaking aspects for the bookie, are available 24/7, and can be relied on to help with any type of request, question, or advice on being a bookie. Then you as the bookie will just need to acquire players that would like to bet.  The best way to do that is by using word of mouth and reaching out to all friends, family, coworkers, schoolmates, and social media friends, and see if they have any interest in betting.

Once you start asking around, you will be pleasantly surprised by how many people actually like to bet in some form or another. There are all types of bettors out there, such as the ones who bet every single day, multiple bets a day, ones that just bet on certain sports such as NFL, or NBA, or people who just like to bet on their favorite team, or just bet on the weekend games or players that bet when its playoff time.

A Pay Per Head Service Makes it Easy and Affordable

Not only do these services do all the work for the bookie, but they also make it extremely affordable for anyone to be a bookie. These services just charge a small fee based on how many active players bet in a given week. The average price is around $10 per player a week, but this can vary based on the quality of the service, the odds offered, and the number of betting options available. Then whatever the player wins or loses on the site, the bookie will handle the payments directly with the player and get to keep 100% of the profits.  Players can easily lose hundreds to thousands of dollars per week, which makes this a very lucrative business for a bookie.

So if you are legally allowed to be a bookie in your province in Canada, then get set up with a reputable pay per head service today.