Ideas to Start a Bookie Company

If you are looking to start a bookie company then look no further than the pay per head industry.

The pay per head industry caters to all types of bookies from the novice start up to the 20 year veteran. It is called pay per head because the bookies pay to use the service based on how many heads or players they have using the service each week.

The services such as offers a fully inclusive website with thousands of betting options for players to bet on each and every day. All lines are updated and managed by a team of lines managers up to the second and 24/7. Bookies can make serious money from booking action from their players and that is why Ace is a 24/7 shop because there is always something to bet on every day of the year.

If you already have players that bet with you then it is easy to just put them on a site such as Ace Per Head and let them do all the technical work with the lines and grading, and then you as the bookie can just sit back and enjoy the sweat on the games you have action on.

If you do not have any players but are just looking to get started then that is fine as well because Ace can answer any of the questions you may have and help you to grow your bookie business. Some good initial tips for guys just starting out is to start speaking with people you know to see if they would like to bet with you. It is as simple as reaching out to friends, family members, coworkers, ex-coworkers, schoolmates, ex-schoolmates and social media friends.

Then you can even offer people who are interested in betting with you a small free play so they can get a free shot at making a wager with no chance of losing. An example of this would be giving your friend a small $50 free play for him to use on the site and then he will be able to use this amount to make a wager. Also he can split this up into multiple bets or put the full amount on one game.

So if the player bet the full amount on a game and the team won then the free play would disappear from the account and the player would be left win the winnings in his account. If the player lost on the free play wager then the free play would disappear but his account would not be subtracted anything for the losing wager. So it truly is a can’t lose opportunity, and at the same time it gives them that initial taste and rush of betting on a game. This more times than not gets people hooked and set to be a consistent sports gambler.

Also the great thing about the Ace Pay Per Head service, is that they have some of the best initial deposit promos for new bookies that sign up. One of their better options is the 6 free week promo where the initial deposit is $500 which will be used to pay the pay per head fee which is only $10 per active player a week and then you will receive a total of 6 free weeks which will be the first week free of each month for the next 6 months. So if you want to start your own bookie company then give Ace a call today at 1-800-909-5193.

What is Pay Per Head?

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