How to Choose a Pay Per Head Service?

Finding a reliable pay per head service can be more challenging than we expect, and that’s precisely why it is of most importance to dedicate some time to doing research and testing different options before settling for just any PPH.

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But, what makes a pay per head service reliable? There are many factors that weigh-in on this, and here are some of the key elements you should evaluate and take into account when choosing a PPH company:

  • If a company has been around for several years and it has good reviews most likely this is a sign of a reliable pay per head service. The online gambling industry is complicated, and therefore if a company has managed to be around for quite some time and maintains a good reputation, this is a good indicator they know what they are doing, and that they are committed to providing a good service.
  • Inquire about the company’s software stability and security, ask about their back-ups, test their system during crunch time, a reliable price per head service takes its redundancy and system stability seriously, they know time is money and they protect your information through all means possible.
  • Payment methods, this is another very important aspect to consider, a serious PPH company will give you different options and will work with you on making things easier for payment.
  • Lines, obviously, this element cannot be left out, a wide offering of lines, properly updated and error free is a must.
  • Effective and knowledgeable customer support. You will need assistance and so will your clients, who they will speak to is important, a bad experience can cost you not one, but many customers. Be demanding with the quality of customer service you are receiving.
  • Friendly and attractive site and software; people don’t usually have a lot of time to learn or figure out new systems, a reliable pay per head service knows this, and will make sure both their website and their software are easy to use both for you as an agent and your clients, a website needs to be self-explanatory, be available for both desktop and mobile devices, and of course have an attractive look for the users.

Talk is cheap, and the only way to really know if a PPH is reliable is to test their service. Companies such as offer you a six week free trial that allows you to test and compare their system and each of their services to help you make an educated decision. is a reliable and comprehensive pay per head service that has been in business for almost 20 years, providing high-quality options for its clients. Year after year this pay per head company makes it a point to stay up to date with the latest technology and systems available to the industry to ensure a first class support and experience.

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