How to bet on the Indian Cricket League

You might wonder how to bet online since the Indian cricket premier league is ongoing until 29th May. You might miss out on the fun and actual cash because you don’t know how to bet online. After the league added two expansion teams topping the fun, the thrill is real and shouldn’t be left out. This season is the season to bet for your favorite team and enjoy the cash and other offers that come with the company.

So much is happening at the arena since it’s the season kick-off on 26th March. The teams were two to play 14 matches, and only the best four teams will head to the 2022 IPL finals on 29th May. Stick around and learn how to bet on the Indian cricket league from the comfort of your smartphone.

Tips on How to Bet on the Indian Cricket League

You cannot know how to bet before spotting the best betting sites in India you can trust with your money and information. Get familiar with a betting sportsbook that will give you the league’s odds and provide easy guides on how to bet.

Here are tips that will help you to place bets on this year’s IPL

Open a Betting Account

The first step is to get a reputable bookmaker like failure you may fall on an untrustworthy site where you may lose your funds when you deposit or fail to pay the bets you win. Open one or more bookmaker accounts and get free bets for a specified amount. More accounts, more free bets, and an advantage where you can compare bookmakers’ odds and settle for the best deal.

After choosing the bookmaker site and being ready to bet, navigate through the site and specify you want to open an account.

Click on the Open the account option to open a registration form to fill.

  • Fill in your name, email, and physical address
  • To verify you are over 18, you will enter your birth date
  • The country you live
  • The currency
  • Password and username

You can be asked a security code and security question to verify your identity when you forget your password. If you want to receive any promotional offers, you ‌ select that option. Your bookmaker may require your credit card or account number as part of your registration, but others will after you deposit funds.

Go through and understand the bookmaker’s terms and conditions to know how it works and what to expect. A good example is knowing minimum deposits, how to withdraw your funds, the maximum you can win, and what will happen if a bet is voided, among other rules and regulations. Then you can click register now or join now.

Deposit the Funds

After the registration, the next thing is to deposit your funds. Specify you’re the payment method you are using if you don’t specify it in your registration. Most bookmakers will accept recognized credit cards like the MasterCard and visa. They can also take online accounts like Skrill and PayPal, and they will pay your win through the same account or credit card. To access a free bet, you need to have registered a certain amount in your account.

Place your Bet

Betting sometimes you may find confusing, especially if you are a first-timer. And before you waste your money for lack of understanding of the jargon used by the bookmaker, stick around as I break it down for you.

IPL betting sites have excellent betting opportunities that deliver. What would you like to place a bet on a team or the top batsman? But before you bet on that team, you have to be a team follower and know their strong and weak points. If you are not a follower, you can read their performance and history on their blog. The more you get educated about a team, the better your chances of placing a bet on a winning team.

Although cricket can be unpredictable and the better your chance by learning your team’s background, you can place your bet through the season before the game begins. You choose to bet on.

IPL Outright Winner

Which team do you think will be crowned the IPL champion? The best thing about this is that you can bet as the season starts or goes on. Once your team is crowned the champion, you will get your pay.

Live to bet

Like in other sports, live betting works well in cricket, and it is more fun since the tournament lasts for over 3 hours. You can choose from the next six-hit, next wicket-taker, and make a century in live betting. From these small bets, you can unlock IPL live streaming.

Bet on finishing bottom

If there is a team you feel their chances of winning are almost zero, you can bet on it. Just like there is an outright winner, there is the team that will become the bottom; you can place this bet at the beginning of the season or as the season unfolds. Follow keenly on the teams’ outcomes on the tables to have a clearer idea.

The best batsman

The best or top batsman is equivalent to the best scorer on the soccer field; the difference is batters do the scores. You can check on players’ history and scoring average before placing a bet on one.

Where to bet on IPL

Are you looking for a betting market that you can trust? You don’t have to look further; the sites here are safe for every Indian, and the betting experience cannot go wrong. The sites are researched in depth to eliminate punters’ doubt. Their sites also have competitive odds that you cannot get on any other platform, and in case of any issue, customer service is on standby to solve your problem via live chat.


As the IPL is ongoing, ‌ choose a reliable bookmaker to register and place your bet as you enjoy the thrill of this season. There’s much reason you should bet on IPL, including many of the world’s best cricketers will be on the field. Cricket being Indians’ favorite sport is another reason ‌ you shouldn’t miss betting this season. Betting on IPL is easy; just register, deposit a fund and place your bet.