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It is just about that time of year when summer is winding down, and the NFL is gearing up for the 2018 season. We are already into the second week of preseason which means the first week of the regular season is less than a month away. This also means it’s time for bookies to either get set up or to switch to a price per head service that is going to help them profit as much as possible from the upcoming football season.

There are many different pay per head providers that a bookie can choose from but it is important to select the one that has the best NFL software for bookies, which is a company called They have countless betting options for each NFL game, including the game line, halves, live, props, player props, and more. Plus they also have an additional feature they call VIP live that has live on all the NFL games, which has 50 to 70 different live betting options per game.

All of these betting options that Ace offers have lines in real time, and everything on the board is there because the house has an advantage. In addition, a large amount of betting options for each game helps to increase betting volumes on each Agent’s player’s accounts, and the more volume leads to more profit.

In addition on the Agent backend of Ace Per Head, there is the option to move lines, which should not be necessary to use all the time because Ace has very sharp lines, but can be used to either balance out your book of action or on certain home teams in your area that you know your players are always going to bet. So for example, if you are in New York and know that your players are always going to bet the Jets and the Giants you can always increase the lines slightly for those games, and or increase the juice on those teams.

Not only does Ace Per Head have the best NFL software for bookies, but they also have numerous new agent promotions available for the upcoming football season. For example, they offer their 25th anniversary 6 free weeks on a $500 initial deposit, which will be used each week that you get billed, or 4 free weeks on an initial deposit of $300 or 1 free week on a deposit of $150. They also have a match bonus on your initial deposit of up to $200 if you deposit using bitcoin, ether or litecoin. Then there is also a 50% off your first 5 weeks on the price or a free customized website promotion that can be taken advantage of as well. Since every agent has different needs and different amounts of customers and bankrolls, Ace allows you the option to choose from any of these initial startup promotions. So if you are looking to be the best bookie then call the best bookie service now at 1-800-909-5193.

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